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Moments of My Life

This is the first blog post of the new version of my website. The old version has crushed – with all my posts and articles; and as long as it’s suddenly impossible to have it back the same as it was, I decided to write a couple of words about what I learned from it. A night spent on creating a new portfolio makes me think about the next steps…

I don’t know why it happens so, but it seems that I have a phoenix-like tradition to burn something and rise again from the ashes. Now the history repeats itself. Deep inside my heart I wanted a change, I needed my path to make a turning, but hadn’t a real self-permission to have it.

The truth is that it is not necessary to cling to the things you don’t need or like anymore but it’s still a pity to abandon them and turn over a page. It can be scary and even feel like silliness, but as you do it – you feel relieved…

What am I going to do? Here are some thoughts, both on the website and my further artistic life.

  1. I’ll rewrite and republish some of the valuable articles and posts that I had. Not all of them 🙂 Something I prefer to keep to myself, and make a book or two from it in the future. Other posts are really no longer current.
  1. The portfolio looks more appealing now – you can form your opinion yourself 🙂 A couple of years ago, when this website was founded, I didn’t have the urge and habit to write long posts in English. Now I have, and I do love to describe every artwork and every series of artworks in all the details even possible!
  1. Not all of my artworks that were in my old portfolio appear in the new one, and many of them are united into one project now. That’s because I want to keep only artworks that I am endlessly interested in and devoted to (and want to make something more of in the future). However, I’ll publish posts with older artworks that didn’t get into the new portfolio – just to keep them here on the site.
  1. I am making a shift from dark art and gothic motifs just for their own sake to something more neutral and having a direct ratio to the real life. Currently, I’m a big fan of nature and various beautiful objects. I want every artwork to be meaningful and absolutely sincere. Moreover, I feel that I also make a shift from the t-shirt designs to something new. Bigger. Greater.
  1. I have so many ideas of my own that probably my whole life won’t be sufficient to fulfill them. I really value my plans and have something to say with my art – that’s why I decided to pay more attention to what I truly like and want to make, instead of performing other people’s ideas. Of course, any rule has an exception, but I really mean it. Time is extremely precious, everybody should think about what it is spent on.
  1. Now it’s quality over quantity. Earlier I wanted to make everything swiftly and rapidly. It is in my nature. Or it was – I am not really sure. But now I want to slow down, dig deeper and immerse myself in the details, making everything I do with exceptional love and passion. The drawing lessons will be longer and the articles will be more informative. I’m ready to give more value.
  1. I really, desperately want to learn more about so many things and teach myself how to do them. Some are related to art or drawing, some are not. Within the last two years, I was obsessed with the idea of having a “normal” artistic career, success and producing great work that I didn’t have enough time to do and try other things I needed. Recently I had an insight that It’s me who put the boundaries, and in actual fact, I’m free to do everything I want, without having to wait for a permission.

8. I will write much more. Being an artist is fun, but it isn’t everything I’ve got. I’m also ready to share my knowledge and experience, and it would be great if I could show people how stunning it is to learn how to draw and be a creator.

Looks like that’s all (though not completely everything that I have in mind for the future). Now it’s time for me to plunge into the work. 😀

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