Some Good Old Art

Black and White Ink, Mixed Media (Ink + Digital), My Artworks & Process of Drawing, Oldies

As I said in the very first post, the current version of my portfolio became quite renovated. I excluded many artworks that don’t correspond to the direction I want to go further.

But still, those artworks are nice. Many of them were drawn at the beginning of a very special period of time for me. That’s why I decided to join gather them at one post – to leave their mark in my personal artistic history.

The artworks are accompanied by links to my Redbubble / DesignByHumans shops, just in case if you liked the art so much that got the wish to buy something with it. They have great items – apparel, home decor goods, stickers, etc.

Memento Mori

I’ve created this drawing in the 2014 year, it was the very beginning of my t-shirt design career. A rise of my admiration for dark art and gothic motifs. memento-moriBuy at RedBubble


A severely-looking witch with a black cat and a boiling potion.halloweenBuy at DesignByHumans


A drawing full of love, joy, and admiration (maybe you can sense it?) When I was working on this artwork, I was so happy. Loved everything: this concept, paper, liquid black ink, the nib, hatches. That was a special time.beautiful

Buy at RedBubble

No Time to Waste

I always was aware of the fleetingness of human life. Nobody has time to waste – we are here to do something meaningful!
no-time-to-wasteBuy at RedBubble


Just an image from imagination. I often stay up late and work till dawn. Probably this is how my Insomnia looks like…insomniaBuy at DesignByHumans

Rocking Mermaid

Why can’t a mermaid be a metalhead? 😀 mermaid

Buy at RedBubble

Natural Beauty

Flowers and water… A nature-inspired romantic artwork.natural-beautyBuy at DesignByHumans

I give my heart to you

Youth, so pure and sincere…i-give-my-heart-to-you


A fantasy-inspired art for the “Myths and Legends” Collection at DesignByHumans.dragonBuy at DesignByHumans


Algiz is the rune of defense. I think this pagan mysterious artwork is a prototype of the later Totem drawing. Maybe I’ll create a whole series of runes one day – it would be awesome. I admire history and nature.algizBuy at RedBubble

The Charm of Music

Just a wooden treble and bass clef among flowers, leaves, mushrooms and other natural objects. 🙂musicBuy at RedBubble

And the colorful version:music-color-72Buy at RedBubble

Cactus SkullcactusBuy at RedBubble

Tribal Beauty: Deer Skull deer-skullBuy at RedBubble

And the colorful version of the deer skull – with a flower:deer-skullBuy at RedBubble

A Small Animal Skullsmall-skullBuy at RedBubble

An Odd Romance

A combat boot with flowers in it.bootBuy at RedBubble

The Breathing of Life

A human skull, peonies, and flying petals. Black and white ink artwork about precious moments of transient life.skull-and-peoniesBuy at RedBubble

And one of the colored versions of this artwork:the-breathing-of-lifeBuy at RedBubble

The Seduction of Natural Beauty

A snake and flowers. Art Nouveau motifs inspired.


Buy at RedBubble

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