Looking back with gratitude…

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Today I’m 27.
I feel grateful for this amazing, breath-taking adventure! 🙂 I experienced so many different things in my life.

It wasn’t ever easy: I went through drama and anxiety, was homeless and alone, sometimes I even felt completely broken, worthless and miserable. I was determined to become a winner in this life and stay on my path – through persistence and hard work. I also got to know hope, trust, blissful gratitude and unconditional love, my biggest treasures.

What I especially keep in mind for the gone year, is the sense of passion for my mission: art and writing, making the world a better place. I got to know myself better and became more attentive, sensitive, and calm person.

Now I know why being happy is a better choice than being cheerless or anxious. I believe we, people, are designed to be unique parts of something bigger, like some great Integrity. We feel fulfilled and purposeful in a state of connection with the world, together with other living beings. When we are happy and make a choice of positive attitude, the sense of connection and integrity gains strength – and we feel a flow of something very pleasing.

My wish to myself for the next year of my life is a progress in the great school of Life. I want to learn how to choose emotions and thoughts more wisely, change attitude to anything happening in the most effective way, and be more free and open to the world – and all nice things to come. I think it’s time to be actually unstoppable and gradually let go of everything limiting.

Life is incredible. Every minute is precious, it’s the time when the magic of objective reality happens, step by step. Everybody has a guiding star and so many possible things to accomplish.

Be great every moment of your life. 🙂

Thank you for being with me in this amazing adventure, Friends.  🙂 You honored me.

img_20161214_031829From yesterday’s walk 🙂 Magic of winter evening and bright spots of color

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