The Wonderful Turtle

Black and White Ink, My Artworks & Process of Drawing

Today, with the greatest pleasure, I would like to present my new artwork, “The Wonderful Turtle”.

The main idea of this drawing is the unusual, outside the box outlook. What if we observed the life around us and asked more questions? What if we paid attention to the small moments of simple enjoyment of just being? What if we tried to integrate everything we do every day with an element of a game, wonder, curiosity?

turtle-workingThis shot was taken on my Birthday. There is no reason or excuse not to work šŸ˜€

Everything in this drawing isĀ special. The turtle is a symbol of the world that is individual for every single human being, like a separate planet or a different reality. And all the creatures that inhabit this unique world are not accidental: any person has the power to choose thoughts, emotions, dreams, aspirations and goals to fill his or her life with.

We are designed to beĀ inimitable and conscious.

I like how this artwork feels. It has a slight tinge of a fairy tale and fantasy dream. I believe almost any dream or ambitious goal can become a reality, but there is no better goal than be happy and feel love and joy every day of your life. This is the real magic and wonder!

The process of drawing

As usual, I have a slideshow of process photos – you can see how this artwork was created from the pencil underdrawing and the very first ink hatches. This art piece was performed with ink linersĀ 0.1-0.5 on paper (A2 size)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A couple of short videos illustrating the process:

The complete artwork:


Fragments in close up:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you like this artwork and enjoyed the process. Looking at it, I feel like all the time and effort put into it was really and absolutely worth it šŸ™‚

Thank you for watching! šŸ™‚

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