Enjoy the Moment

Inspirational Posts

A thought about people with many passions and natural curiosity.

Our life is a transit from one unknown place to another, and no matter how badly we want to seize the precious moment of joy and love, and make it stay for a bit longer – it will go away. Live is a constant movement.

I thought for a long time that there is a huge injustice that we forget everything that we don’t use frequently, and every skill that is not practiced regularly becomes faded.

But now I realize that there is nothing wrong or sad. We are free to do anything we want! To try different things, explore, make our lives just fabulous. Any limit like “you shouldn’t get scattered” or “you should do this one thing” is something that we bring to our world from other people’s beliefs, it doesn’t come naturally, from within.

If something goes away, let it go – life isn’t about collecting. If your priorities change, let them. A person doesn’t have to become obsessed with success and comparison to anything or anybody.

It’s all about the movement and being at the moment. Just live, express yourself and make things you find interesting. Be free and curious.

I believe you will be grateful to yourself at the end of this journey – for all the things that you tried and experienced 😉

enjoy the moment

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