Will I Regret Not Having Done It?

Inspirational Posts

This is the question I ask myself every time when I’m not sure if I’m going into the right direction.

It’s essential that human beings want to be safe, loved and approved. We like having less stress and more calmness. However, sometimes all these reference points become illusory and we choose a mediocre life instead of real greatness and valuable fulfillment.

Everything comes from within: happiness, love, gratitude. There is no need to search for approval, serenity or love in any person’s attitude – because all wonderful things always start from yourself. That’s why it is said that you should love yourself first.

I think about self-approval – I had troubles with it for a long time. There always was something I could have done better, faster, more ideal, beautiful, correct. A better version of myself was a competitor I could do nothing with.

I knew that having this illusory rival in mind is something I will regret in future. I already did! For years it didn’t allow me to value myself and my creations, discover my real worth and get what I really deserved.

It’s ironic but all the yardstick of worth and dignity is so relative.

Why can’t a person choose an idea that anything he or she does is amazing and worthy?

So many nerve cells could be saved and so many great creations could be made. More people could become abundant and inwardly free.

This “regret” thing is unique for everybody. What do (or don’t) you do now that you will regret in future?

no regrets

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