The Crab Drawing Step-By-Step

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In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw a crab  🙂 This amazing creature is a great example of complex textures. Let’s see how it can be drawn with ink!

This material was a traditional tutorial, and I decided to republish it at this new version of my website. 🙂 The one change is that now there are not the consistent steps of drawing process that you have to scroll, but a

For this drawing, I used ink liners (pens) of 0.8, 0.4, 0.3 and 0.2 widths and a brushpen (small size) for the A4 paper format.

The drawing process:

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Description of steps:

  1. I start with a preliminary pencil sketch.

2. With the brushpen I outline the main outer contours. The reason why I use this tool is its advantage to create lively varied lines.

3. With the 0.8 ink liner, I add dots to the pincers (the claws) and the body. These places have the most prominent grainy texture. Make sure to leave untouched spots – it creates the contrast between the light and dark places.

4. I continue with the 0.8 dotwork (the second claw remained untouched in the previous step) and soon proceed to hatching with the 0.3 liner. Pay the most attention to the hollows and the periphery of the crab’s body – it’s all about the volume and contrast of the drawing.

I also create hatching on the crab’s legs, placing rounded hatches by volume. There will be almost none dotwork on the legs because they are quite smooth comparing to the body of the crab.

5. Let’s refine the hatching. I use 0.2 liner to create thin as a cobweb shady hatching. Please be patient: it’s important to add value gradually all over the drawing to get a nice result. There is no need to exaggerate.

6. With the 0.4 liner I work on the volume, accenting the shadows everywhere in my drawing. And remember about leaving small blank spots on the texture 🙂 Graphic art is all about black-white relationship.

7. I complete the drawing with the finishing short touches of 0.3 liner hatching on the circumference of the crab’s body.

Interested in observing the process images in close-up? Here you can download the archive with the work-in-progress scans in a bigger size.

If you liked the tutorial, please like and share it with your friends – drawing together is always more fun 😀 Enjoy!

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