Drawing a Stinkhorn

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promoIn today’s tutorial, I’ll show you the process of drawing this thought-provoking mushroom 🙂 Its name is stinkhorn (or stink morchel, Phallus impudicus). This fungus is considered as a cure and a source of benefit for health.promo-3The liners I used: 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 for the A4 size of paper.

  1. As always, I start with a pencil underdrawing. It’s very helpful to have a pencil sketch to create a confident ink drawing. 1
  2. With the 0.5 liner, I outline the main contours.2
  3. With the 0.3 ink liner, I add short parallel hatching to the darkest areas of my drawing.3
  4. It’s time to reveal the texture of the mushroom’s body. With the 0.3 liner, I add dots to it. As you can see, the dotwork (stippling) is quite uniform.4
  5. With the 0.3 liner, I work on the volumetric look of my drawing by adding hatching.

Rounded hatches on the body side help to create the illusion of circularity. It’s important to make the difference between the hollows and dividers on the mushroom’s head. 56. I add dots with the 0.5 liner. Pay attention to the body: the transition from darkness to light should be smooth, and dotwork is an excellent way to achieve it. A combination of smaller and bigger dots make the drawing more interesting and realistic.67. It’s time for refining the drawing! I use the 0.1 liner to add thin hatches to the head. Light hatching is semi-transparent, so it looks great on the top of the existing thicker hatches and areas of the white paper.78. To make the drawing more contrast and volumetric, I add hatching made with 0.1 liner everywhere, making the shady areas more visible. 8

9. I add final touches with the 0.3 liner: accenting the details is crucial for achieving the integrated look. Pay additional attention to the bottom part of the drawing. The mushroom grows in grass, so the blades must remain light and the foundation of the mushroom — dark. 9

Congratulations — the drawing is complete!  🙂

I hope you enjoyed the process. As usual, you can download an archive with the process scans in a higher quality and examine them carefully.

Thank you for your time and interest! I’d love to receive your feedback, questions, and suggestions for new posts. What is your biggest struggle in drawing with ink?

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