Be Passionate

Inspirational Posts

My 2017 year started with a distinct feeling of mental eagerness.

I consume various kinds of information, read dozens of books, listen, learn, and expand my life experience in many ways that aren’t directly related to art or my specialty. Everything happens in my own head – I don’t have to go anywhere.

A blissful state of self-sufficiency and knowledge that I can be whoever I want and develop any skill I really like to have. No need to choose with logic and denial.

The time we live in is absolutely fantastic – most of the things we need, appear just at the fingertips. This only idea makes me so passionate about life, about every day of being able to evolve.

It’s not about doing only the right things, not wasting your valuable time, or being a smart person that knows everything. If you look at it from another angle, all human culture is inspired by creativity – and unique wisdom that brings together practical knowledge and desire to make something worth living through the ages.

I believe real life is all about the wish to make every breath conscious and spending every day with passion. ❤

be passionate

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