Drawing a Rooster With Ink Liners

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The series of ink tutorials continues, and today I’ll show you how to draw a rooster. 🙂 Rooster is a symbol of the 2017 year (which has just begun), so this drawing is conceptual – in some way.

We will also have the chance to explore the amazing textures and learn how to convey them in ink graphics. how-to-draw-a-roosterFor this drawing, I use ink liners of 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 widths and a pencil to draw a preliminary sketch.

  1. I start with graphite underdrawing.12. With the 0.5 liner, I outline the main contours of the rooster.23. I create basic texture with dots, using the 0.4 liner. The dots settle themselves equally. 34. With the 0.2 liner, I add hatching to the existing texture. 45. With the 0.1 liner, I add short hatches to reveal the relief of the comb and the small details on the rooster’s head. 56. With the 0.05 liner, I work on the beak: add long parallel hatches, dots and cross-hatches. 67. With the tool number 0.05, I add short double hatches to the comb.78. I work on the bottom part of the drawing with the 0.3 liner, drawing feathers and creating shadows.89. With the 0.2 liner, I add more hatches and dots to the bottom part of the drawing. The feathers become more detailed. 910. With the 0.05 liner, I work on the details and texture, placing rounded hatches by volume. It’s important to make the shady areas more accented.  10

11. I add long hatches to the comb and darken my drawing even more – with the 0.05 liner. 11Congratulations! The drawing is complete 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the process. Drawing animals or birds is always fun!

If you like this step-by-step process, please like this post and share it with friends. I’d also appreciate feedback and questions! 🙂

P.S. This drawing has become a design for clothing, wall art prints, cases, notebooks and many other goods! Please check out the RedBubble and DesignByHumans stores for the details.

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