Never get caught in a creative deadlock again, or How To Generate Ideas

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Have you ever experienced a crisis: you wanted to create something, but had no idea what it could be? Maybe, you saw people who gush with excellent ideas, and you felt a little envious?

I have a list of tips and suggestions how you can learn to become such a creatively abundant person. These are my own experience, not some random sounds-reasonable advice from popular books or articles. 🙂

  1. Be open to the world around you

It may seem obvious: many people think that they are attentive to the life outside their minds. But is it actually true?

Being observant to the small details is very useful because it’s an easy way to get a bunch of new associations. For example, one day I noticed a flower in a dropped pot, and it gave me an idea for an artwork about the power of human mind’s focus. You never know what idea can appear in your mind while you are observing the world around you!


  1. Use digital tools to collect work material for your ideas

It can be Pinterest, Tumblr or a special folder on your computer. Observing beauty affects your mood and launches a creative search in the ocean of ideas. You can also collect works of other artists.

Don’t copy – observe! Ask yourself questions, what you particularly like in the images you’ve collected.

3. Collect everything that inspires you

By the time I write these lines, the summer is long gone – it’s winter. My drawer is full of various cones, dry leaves, flowers, twigs, and needles. I even have a cracked chestnut: it utters strange chapping sounds that scare me a little 😀


And what inspires you? 🙂

  1. Remember that there is no such thing as something radically new

Everything that can come to your mind already exists, it can be said or drawn in some way. But you can do it in your unique manner, and that’s the point! When you are trying to be ground-breaking, the chances are that you will push on yourself too hard and nothing great will come out.

  1. It’s not about you

You are the idea generator, but the ideas relate to a theme or notion that you are interested in. Try to think about the topic, immerse into it, and let your ego wait behind the closed door. Magic happens when you devote yourself to the creation process, without thinking if you’re good enough or will the possible result be good enough to even try.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people and nurture your positive emotions

Your environment is crucial. Numerous scientific experiments tell us that creativity flourishes in happiness, not in struggle and negativity. Stress is very harmful! Try to take everything that happens to you as something great. Life is full of adventure and charming details. I see this point as more valuable than others because too much in life depends on our mindset.


  1. Be curious

Having interests except art is great. Everything you see, hear or learn is fuel for your imagination and the process of finding the ideas. Don’t limit yourself if you feel energized by getting a new experience.

  1. Travel, visit new places and meet new people

Exploring the world is a great and fast way for personal enrichment. With every new location something changes within us, and other people open our eyes to something new. Being within the four walls for a long time makes you no good, and your body needs activity too 🙂


  1. Find your purpose

You have a mission, even if you don’t know what it is. There is a reason why you do the things you do, and you have experience and thoughts that can change other people’s lives for the better. What is meaningful to you? What painful moments did you have and what did you learn from them? How can you help others?

10. Consume the branch-wise information

If you are interested in themes related to your creative work, it’s great! There is so much valuable information about art, design and creative business in its numerous aspects. Being immersed in the knowledge broadens the horizons and expands the way for new ideas to come.

11. Work a lot. Be devoted

If you are with the toes of one foot in the water, it’s not a bathing. If you decided to be an artist, you should spend time working on your art every day, and let the mundane trifles wait.

Of course, these are so many things we have to do except making art, but we are responsible for our future (not our family members or friends or anybody else). It’s a natural process: well-disposed thinking about your goals and playing with potential projects themes create a snow slide of ideas. I guarantee!


12. Write

I don’t know how it happens, but free writing is a powerful tool for direct connecting with your inner self. It also allows to empty your mind, and it automatically creates the place for new ideas (like a computer memory). I write everything: the insights of the day, current worries and delights, lists of things to do tomorrow and a roll of audio books to listen. And, of course, write down every idea you have! They love to gather together – as many as possible. I also write down all the associations that appear in my mind when I think about a new artwork.

13. Enlarge your library

A library of beautiful books is a great source of inspiration!


14. Get enough sleep

I heard that human brain uses sleep hours for cleaning and refinement. You can watch this video if this theme interests you 🙂

From my experience, it’s very hard to be efficient, let alone creative, when you are slack and inert due to the sleep deprivation. Coffee won’t help 🙂

15. Learn to notice your thoughts and emotions

This is the key to understanding yourself. Attention to the mental life contributes to connecting with the source of unlimited essential creativity. Ask yourself throughout the day: “What do I think of and why?” and “How do I feel and why?”

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found something useful. Thank you! And let your everyday creative life be abundant and joyful! 🙂

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