Ink Tutorial: Drawing The Octopus

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This step-by-step tutorial is about drawing with ink liners and creating textures on the example of the cute stylized octopus. šŸ™‚promo

Estimated time for an ink drawing like this is several hours (for the inking part without the idea research and pencil sketching), depending on your skill level. Creating hatching and dotwork at high speed requires much practice. šŸ™‚

The tools I use: ink liners numbersĀ 0.8, 0.5, 0.3, 0.2 and a brushpen (small)Ā for an A4 paper size. Plus a graphite pencil and an eraser for creating an underdrawing.

The process:

  1. I start with a pencil sketch. The more detailed is your underdrawing, the more confident (and fast) will be the drawing process. But donā€™t beĀ over-diligent: having some place for experimenting and imagination is always a good way to go.1
  2. I create varied contours with theĀ brushpen – they look so lively. For some thinner contours, it’s an excellent idea to use theĀ 0.8 Ā liner.2
  3. With theĀ 0.5 inkĀ liner, I add details to my drawing, making the tentacles more precise, and covering the pupil with ink (be sure to leave the highlights).3By the way, now you can erase all the pencil lines, so they wonā€™t disturb you later.
  1. With theĀ 0.8 liner, I add dotwork to the darkest areas of my drawing.4
  2. I create a dotwork with the 0.5 linerĀ and fill the whole figure of the octopus with dots (excluding the eyes, the inner side of tentacles and small pimples on the body)5
  3. I addĀ hatching with theĀ 0.3 liner, touching the darkest areas of the body and creating volume (also on the eyes and pimples).Ā 6
  4. The finishing touches: I add some thin hatching and cross-hatching with theĀ 0.2 liner,Ā emphasizing the volume of the octopus.

Black and white graphics is all about contrast – so you should be confident in making the shady areas of your drawing really dark.Ā 7And the artwork is complete! Drawing animals is such fun, isn’t it? šŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed our ink journey and now you have a better understanding of working with liners and brushpens. Iā€™m so excited to share my fascination with ink drawing technique and creating art!

Please like and share this post with friends – learning together is betterĀ than alone šŸ˜‰ I’d appreciate your feedback and questions. What is your biggest struggle in drawing with ink?

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