Taking Action

Inspirational Posts

One important thing that I learned in my life is the value of taking action.

A person can dream, make plans, try all the possible ways to become more conscious and happy, but without a real materially-minded movement of having things done, all the spiritual aspirations and goals written on a paper sheet are almost nothing. They make no difference.

The same goes for any brilliant ideas – they are only mental dust without executing.

The life is all about making step by step, living one day after another. It is a journey of completed projects and comprehensive skills that were formed in the course of a long time.

I believe it is absolutely possible to achieve great results in your special way. You just have to take action, without delays and thoughts like “I can do it later.”

When there is no action, appears fear. It is a barrier that obstructs the full-flowing river of freedom and grandeur. The temptation to reduce the list of your wishes and goals becomes almost unbearable.

How to wipe the mean-spirited apprehensive thoughts off your mind? By setting aside the excuses and taking action.

How to finally love and accept yourself? By doing things that you were afraid of immersing in and allowing yourself to do for a long time.

An action is courage to be the person you really are deep inside your heart. A human being you can be proud of.

Say “I can do it” and do. Every day, little by little. This simple scheme makes wonderful changes in life because bits of the progress create momentum.

Take responsibility and be the driving force of your own advancement.


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