New Tutorial: Drawing A Pug Dog

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It today’s post, I’ll show you how I made this cute pug dog drawing. Let’s begin! 🙂 how-to-draw-a-pug-dog

I used ink liners (pens) number 0.05, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5 and a brushpen (small brush).

For your convenience, I’ve created this scheme of hatching and dotwork samples. Feel free to address yourself to it when you see a reference (like “sample 1”) in the text below.samplesThe process of drawing:

  1. I start with a pencil underdrawing. 1
  2. With 0.3 ink liner, I mark the darkest places of my drawing (ears, eyes, nostrils, the contours of the mouth and wrinkles on the snout). The strokes are spontaneous and light, but still accurate (sample 1).2
  3. With the 0.1 ink liner, I draw long thin hatches to emphasize these shady areas (please see the sample 2).3
  4. I use the 0.5 liner to add dots to the nose and eyes; and start creating the velvety texture of the snout (sample 3). 4
  5. I use the brushpen to mark the main contours and darken the eye areas (sample 4).5
  6. With thin hatches of the 0.05 liner, I draw the hair, starting from the darkest places (sample 5). 6
  7. I work on the eyes of the dog, adding short hatches with the 0.05 ink liner (sample 6). 7
  8. I add rounded hatches of the 0.05 liner to darken the eyes (sample 7). You can also leave small dots. Be sure to leave the highlight of the white paper there! 🙂 8
  9. I draw the hair in the central part of the snout and darken the top of the nose (sample 5 again).9
  10. I darken the nose even more and draw the hair with thin hatches and dots, using the 0.05 liner (sample 8). The texture already looks interesting, isn’t it?10
  11. With the 0.05 ink liner, I continue actions of the previous paragraph, gradually shifting to the periphery of the drawing. 11
  12. And farther in the same vein: 12
  13. I use the 0.3 ink liner to add dots to the areas of white paper on the dog’s head. It’s time to darken the texture of the snout even more, so I furnish myself with the 0.5 liner and draw bigger dots (sample 9). 13
  14. With the 0.5 liner, I add more hatches to the darkest areas of my drawing, making a visual continuation of the existing brushpen strokes. It will balance the picture.14
  15. It’s time to emphasize the volume of the drawing. I use the 0.1 liner to draw thin hatches that darken the dog’s head, especially at the sides. 15
  16. I feel like the central and bottom part of the snout isn’t dark enough, so I add more thin strokes made with the 0.1 liner there. The dog’s breed becomes more recognizable. 16And the drawing is complete 🙂 Congratulation, we’ve made it!

I hope watching the process was fun and now you understand the principles of drawing pug dogs with ink liners better.

If you liked this tutorial, please like it and share with friends 🙂 I’d also appreciate feedback and questions!

P.S. By the way, you can buy great goods from apparel to stickers with this pug dog design in my RedBubble and DesignByHumans stores 🙂

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