Slow Down

Inspirational Posts

One thing I had trouble with for a long time, is finding a balance between the desire to make all sorts of projects, rapidly and confidently advance in the artistic career – and the ability to control my emotions, be calm and inner-integral.

There is so much to do that doesn’t relate to drawing or painting when you are a professional artist! And you also should make chunks of time to create new beautiful stuff.

My mind works in a swift impetuous mode. I often felt lucky that I am a person who is interested in millions of things and insistently tries to realize this interest.  However, this feature almost always shows drawbacks: tiredness, a state of mental dispersion, and doubts.

It is easy to get into the trap of desire to be great in everything: in art, in all kinds of relationships, in your creative business; paying attention to the cover but not at the contents.

Sometimes I feel like the modern world is insane: people run to reach their goals as fast as they can, making all sorts of things along the way, but can’t answer the question why they think their actions and goals are important particularly for them. Just for a chance to be a “successful” person?

Happiness is not a destination. And there is no way how you can feel good if you are in a constant hurry or slight displeasure, experiencing long-lasting stress or compulsion.

Good news is that much of the enforcement is created by ourselves. It is us who think that we are not good enough or could be a bit better, faster, more diligent or skilled in art or business, could make one more task today or by the end of the week.

It is not pleasant to admit our limits, especially having in mind all those wonderful people around the world, who show amazing results of their work.

It is necessary to find a sincere connection with your inner self – that is the idea I find insightful.

Do things that personally YOU love and find meaningful. Sometimes we commit to anything that we don’t even need or choose a goal that doesn’t actually warm us up!

Remember, you have the freedom and responsibility. It is up to you, will you regret or appreciate.

Say “no” to anything or anybody that makes you bored, unhappy and doesn’t add real value to your life. Unfortunately, it is too difficult to please everybody around you, in all possible times and all situations.

Love your creative core and nurture it – you are the person who deserves to be appreciated and cared of.

It is possible to choose the life and goals that make you passionate voluntarily. Even if nobody is willing to applause or pay you for them right now. It is your life, after all – why should you be a copy or an obedient listener of somebody’s will and limitation beliefs?

So wonderful to slow down a bit and ask yourself, if you feel good about your actions and their direction. Are you doing this particular thing for your sincere happiness and pleasure right at this moment (and for the benefit of your brilliant future), or just for an illusory image of “being nice and hard-working” person?

Slowing down doesn’t necessarily mean taking a vacation in the middle of the urgent project or having a whole day-off to rest. It is rather a moment when you connect with your inner core and set the priorities, shake off the stress and choose integrity.

I believe that career, goals, and adherence to some principles of “true aspiring (or successful) artist” should never be a key-note of the life. For me, this place is given to the Purpose (self-development and making the world a better place) and my Freedom to choose whatever I want.

Slow down, just for a moment.


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