Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Inspirational Posts

“Be so good they can’t ignore you” is a great quote from a book that I was reading recently.

I love the idea of hard work and the joy of labor. I admire the principles of domination (not competition) and playing on the side of your core values and strengths.

But what I find especially important is the notion of deliberate practice.

People who become true masters of their craft are great at working through their weak links, not just perpetual repeating the things that already turn out quite well. They also don’t grudge the time for preparational work that usually stays behind the scenes.

It is an effort for real growth, not for idle pleasure or illusory self-affirmation in an attempt of becoming more confident.

Life is complex; it consists of both happiness and grief, pleasure and pain, comfort and overcoming. The freedom is the acceptance of reality and the ability to make a step towards your fears and doubts.

There is no point in avoidant behavior because the results don’t lie. To become great in art and creative business, a person has to be fearless when it comes to facing things that don’t turn out well enough and have patience to practise over and over again.

I believe we are here to grow. 🙂


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