February Investments for the Knowledge and Inspiration

Moments of My Life

Everyone knows how important is constant learning and broadening the horizons. Curiosity and diligence makes us better artists and more interesting people in general 🙂

I do my best to master professional skills and invest into the development process (for example, I’m a regular subscriber of an online book library and several websites with a profession-related content). This month, I pay much attention to the things that are not directly to the point of anything I’m known for; they are drawing with colored pencils, hand lettering, and writing.

Interested in my list? 😀 

  1. My friend Dina from Lettershoppe created an amazing educational project for hand-lettering (it is available on Patreon). This month we study Victorian style.

Sometimes all you need for successful and smooth process is great tools designed with competence. 🙂 Probably I’m not as good as I’d like to be, but practice makes perfect.


2. A subscription to the Colored Pencil Magazine – a source of useful tips and pure inspiration. I don’t know how it happened but this artistic technique won my sympathy, and I’m fascinated with it almost as much as with the ink drawing.


3. A subscription to the Ann Kullberg’s COLOR magazine. I love it!


4. A subscription to the Daily Writing Tips: everyday grammar rules, tricky exercises, examples of usage, articles. Improving my English is an ongoing process for me; I want it to be as good as it is possible for a non-native speaker.


I hope your list of February learning beginnings is as much exciting! 😀

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