Magic of Reality

Inspirational Posts

From time to time, I ask myself what I believe in and why I do all the things: learn, choose themes and make art, write posts, teach and so on. Why do I live and love my life?

The priorities change. At one time my greatest values were the ability to make cool drawings and play to my strengths, do what I personally like doing, then – the possibility to grow as a professional, hone my skills and experience the pure joy of labor.

Something is different now. I realize that the core is my faith in the magic of the real life.

The treasure is hidden in the simplicity; there is no need to chase anything special to feel the beauty and the uniqueness of the moment. Happiness always comes from within, and our biggest and most important challenge as living creatures is developing the ability to be contented, harmonious, loving, grateful, brave and sincere.

And – to live in reality, sense it and be friends with it; without complaints or illusory desires of being a different person in a different place.

When you observe the world around you in such state, everything seems to be unusual. Special. Amazing. Magical. Full of joy and purpose.

And all that lies above and beyond this inner state is just a fun, pleasant and blessed toy to play with – our possessions, relationships, abilities, goals, activities, values, talents, ideas, social and professional roles. These toys aren’t really ours, and they can be taken away anytime, just as our life. So there is no point in trying to seize everything and make it stay forever, or become perfect and live an ideal life.

When you feel this simple magic of conscious and accepting living, many things that caused doubts, condemnations, regrets and fears in the past, suddenly come into the right places. And you face another question – what should I do with all these liberated resources? 😀 The choice is up to you!


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