Pastel Pencils

Moments of My Life

Yesterday was an art shopping day for me. Sounds so exciting, right? 😀

I brought home a brand-new set of pastel pencils, a broad-tip white acrylic marker, new graphite pencils (my old ones were almost completely worn-out), several Faber-Castell Grip pens of different colors, and a whole gathering of various paper sheets.

Everything is useful and inspiring when it comes to creating art! 🙂


Today I’ve started trying my new supplies. And here is the first result! Pastel pencils, black paper.


I like pastels, their look on paper, and feelings that they convey. This art medium doesn’t allow refining artworks as mush as ink or ink liners do, but it helps to achieve an expressiveness and a distinctive freedom. Worth trying!

Honestly, I think that it’s great to be familiar with various artistic techniques and be able to work using different tools, know their advantages and understand how to mix them. I am known mostly for the detailed ink drawings, but this kind of specialization doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in everything else 🙂

I believe life is about being brave and doing what you like. More action, less “just thinking.”

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