The Mermaid Artwork & News

Black and White Ink, My Artworks & Process of Drawing

And this is the last drawing from the new Marine series. Creating this one was fun – probably because of the unusual square format and the abundance of wonderful sea bottom details.

I love the sea fantasy theme and have many artworks on this topic, so drawing something new and fresh can be challenging. For this piece, I chose several new elements, like a sea turtle, a treasure chest and various combinations of shells and corals for spectacular visual effects.

Some photos – process shots and fragments 🙂

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I feel like a turned over a page. There are about ten large-scale ink artworks that I will scan and edit soon so they can become a part of my portfolio. I will make close-up fragments of high quality and show them online.

Creating such detailed art is joy, but it is also a great amount of effort and labor. This fact often stays behind the scenes.

I believe that it’s time for me to grow and try new things, explore and become freer in the choice of artistic tools, to be able to say exactly what I have in mind. But I want to keep all my groundwork in the ink technique, share my experience, and teach what I know.

I believe ink drawing technique is amazing, it is more than just a tool or a set of tricks how to depict something. Ink is a whole new world that can change a person’s life to for the better, make him or her more attentive, intelligent and conscious. I traveled this path myself.

Another condition that makes me think about the future steps is the issue with my eyes’ health. I won’t go into details here; just say that obviously that amount of the continuous work that I made took their toll on them. So now I try to lessen the harm and get some rest. It is not easy because I really love what I do and want to make more great art.

However, there isn’t such thing as a problem. Anything we get in the life comes to teach us something important or indicate that we did something harmful to ourselves. I learn my lesson.

What will be next? Future will show. I think I will be more into the educational content.

Thank you for watching and reading! This means the world to me, dear friends.

Have a great day! 🙂

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