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After an extremely busy working week with actually no day-offs, I’d like to slow down a bit and share some thoughts. 🙂

I was thinking about honesty. There is not much place for exhaustive honesty in the life of an average person. We are chasing symbols of success and new achievements, trying to be nice and polished when it comes to personal and professional relationships.

Striving for perfection is in some way an antipode of honesty. Sometimes it requires too much courage to tell somebody that he or she treats you wrong – or if that’s you who shows a blatant example of disrespect towards yourself.

I know that many people are looking at my works or photos and assuming that everything in my life goes smoothly. I seem to produce large pieces of art in no time (regarding the width of the tools I’m working with). I’m constantly working – probably there is a matter of a surprisingly tremendous passion for creating art or just luck. Who knows?

Nobody’s life is perfect! Is it a surprise? 😀

Recently I realized that I’m not honest enough. Of course, I don’t lie or tell stories about nonexistent things. But I still don’t share much of the personal stuff, because it is assumed that such things can’t be important.

I don’t like being vulnerable; even it’s something about the real life. Let alone ask for anything!

When I speak to other creative people, they often say that they miss those happy times when everything in their artistic careers was easier. It was just starting! Creating, experimenting, having your art time; less thinking about the money or difficult clients questions. They were like adventurous travelers, exploring a new path.

But where goes the passion when we start making money full-time from our art to support ourselves? Here are the new responsibilities, and no one is going to insure or guarantee anything at all. Even if consciously we know that our life is pretty great, be may feel this vague stress, uncertainty.

It’s time to learn how to nourish your passion and be able to keep your inner creative temple clean of the dirty footsteps (if you allowed other people intrude into your boundaries) or destructive emotions. We all have dark times from time to time, even if this period lasts only five minutes.

What if I tell you that sometimes I feel like I hate this thing I’m working on right now?  It is easy to become tired when you work a lot, especially if the task is difficult and time-consuming.

I believe it is entirely okay to have such feelings now and then. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with you and your passion. It is just a signal that you should pay attention to your present moment and think if the reasons for making these things are worth it.

I’m speaking about the actual value for you, not other people who maybe find this thing fantastic. Do you want to make it happen? What does this mean for you as a human being that has only a limited amount of time in this world?

It is always a very good idea to make a list why you even need this life. Prove yourself that you deserve more hours, days, months and years, and you are not a bored freeloader!

I work so much because only this kind of thing can bring me self-fulfilment. I believe no one has an excuse to stay an “average” person; everybody has something special to present to this world. Laziness is another word for ignorance, if you don’t grow your precious sprouts, you’re just wasting time.

Imagine all the people in this world. You are the one who can make something the way no one else is able! What is this unique thing? 🙂

That’s why I was working like crazy even when I was undergoing a course of medical treatment for my eyes. And said nothing about the difficulties in public.

Overcoming is a part of the process. Life isn’t about being in comfort and pure pleasure all the time; you just have to find and say “yes” to your greatest passion. But the adventure won’t be all honey and sunshine.

As for me, I’m learning to be more honest. I’d like to be more open and share my dreams. Be real, even if means to be vulnerable. Sometimes I feel a bit lonely because it’s still a closed book how to be connected with people and get all the numerous things done. I just don’t have the capabilities; but, hopefully, even an autistic-inclined introvert can learn the art of associating.

By writing this post, I just wanted to tell all the great people that read my blog that you are on the right path. Even if you are tired or feel doubts. Just make another step and remember that honesty is much more valuable than perfection.  🙂

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