A Funny Fact

Moments of My Life

There is an idea that it is so simple to be an artist. You don’t have to have anything except a pencil, a scrap of paper, your eyes, hands, and the imagination.

But in actual fact, it is like a snowball! 😀

You buy a set of pencils; then you need another one, bigger and more expensive – because you want to work with qualitative supplies.

Before you know where you are, you have a collection of various pens, pencils, markers, paints, inks, sketchbooks, and there are huge stacks of paper in the secluded nook. Just in case.

You also start to gather specialized books.

You need a simple camera to take photos of your art, so you buy one. Then you realize that your possibilities are limited, and you start to save up for a DSLR. Plus all the equipment like lenses and lighting, of course.

For example, a nice microphone – because you have this amazing idea to write video tutorials based on your art.

Oh did I mention the scanners – of a basic A4 size and then, maybe, something bigger? And additional storage for all the files you produce during the work process? A better hardware?

Plus the place to keep all your treasures. One day you think: “Probably I need my own studio (or a bigger one)”

To make a long story short, there is no such thing as “Now I have everything I wanted to have.” Or maybe it is, but I’m not at that point yet 🙂

However, it is always useful to remember that it’s possible to make great things in the limited circumstances. If you want, you’ll find a way.

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