Thought Of the Day: Tiny Reasons

Inspirational Posts

I feel like the best way of living is to live without excuses. Facing the truth.

You know, all these tiny reasons like “I will do it a bit later because I’m tired” or “It’s not that bad (important, urgent)” or “I’m doing everything I can” (and deep inside you know that it’s not true).

Or it can be “I have all reasons to feel bad because of ___, so I’ll just wait for somebody that surely will come and make things change for the better”. But nothing happens, and the denial doesn’t help.

Every day is a treasure. But we often forget how rapidly years fly by, thinking about dribbles and setting aside joy and happiness. As if they are more appropriate for our future-selves!

Everybody can throw out excuses and start actually living, doing, acting, creating, changing. It’s a continual process of being awake that libraries life from regret.

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