Doing What You Love (?)

Inspirational Posts

Today I’ve realized something important. We are feeling annoyed not because we are doing something we don’t like.

We are feeling annoyed when we are doing something that we don’t believe in! 

There is a sharp edge. Love and enjoyment of life are precious, but they have to be strong enough to survive when we are in stress, discomfort, struggle, and pain. Otherwise, our love may turn to displeasure and hate at the same time instant.

The basis of this strength is knowing that you are at your right place; that you are making something not because “everybody knows that this is should be done this way”, but because YOU are the person to make it, and this is something worth making (even if it isn’t anything huge and groundbreaking).

This kind of faith is the key to the loving attitude – to life, in the first place. It also helps to spend time on really valuable things 🙂

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