About Making Time for Things

Inspirational Posts

Yesterday we had a lovely rainy fishing day.

Life seems even brighter when you wear yellow glasses

I gathered new botanical elements for my collection. There were not only leaves but also weed and wild fruits like apples, ashberry, and pear.

I can’t express how I like all these wonderful creations of nature!

There is something special in being alone in a forest during the rain. Redundant, unnecessary thoughts and emotions go away, and you face the pure and undisguised magnificence of life.

It is said that a person who wants to do something will find a way to do it  🙂 That’s so true. I came home quite tired, but various tasks were waiting for me. So I found myself still drawing at 2 a.m. 😀

By the way, I should make prep sketches for a new nature-inspired art series.

Just seize the day and be sure to spend the time you have of full value! 🙂

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