Watercolor Skulls Project

My Artworks & Process of Drawing, Video, Watercolor Experiments

In today’s post, I’ll show you a new series of three artworks in an unusual for me artistic medium – watercolor.

When I attended an art school for children (many years ago!), I had very little success with watercolor painting.

My favorite subject always was the drawing, graphics, especially in the ink variant, and I also was quite good in painting with paints that gave me the full control like gouache or oils.

Watercolor isn’t the medium that allows being absolutely sure what will happen on the paper surface. It is spontaneous and even seems to have its own mind and will. That’s why we couldn’t decide who is the chief in our relationship 😀 I just wasn’t able to give up the control and stop before there are too many layers of strokes.

So I grew up with a fear of watercolors and a strong belief that I’m just not good at it. That made me sad because I love beautiful watercolor paintings, but, on the other hand, I was a strong graphic artist who felt amazing with inks and graphite pencils. It is something worth celebrating and developing the skill!

Recently I felt that something changed. I don’t want to be just a person who is good at something but that’s all. Comfort isn’t my end goal or the place where I want to spend my whole life…

Yes, specializing is useful and even important. Focusing on something, we have the chance to advance faster and have greater results. But who said that we should put ourselves into a small box and limit our world by its tight boundaries? This is insane.

My new project “Watercolor Skulls” is all about being a person who doesn’t let anybody or anything decide what is possible or permissible. By the way, this project title is still a draft version, maybe I’ll come up with a better and more figurative one in the future.

The series consists of three watercolor painting of the A3 paper size. Below is a gallery with the scanned and edited artworks:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve chosen a skull theme because I feel like it is a connection point between themes of life’s joy and being in the moment, and the finiteness of everything. Every creature exists in the now, not in the past or in the future, and knowing that life will end makes us more concious.

The first painting reminds of the late summer, bunches of grapes and greenish warmth of a forest. It feels wild and abundant at the same time.

A work-in-progress photo:

The second one is aerial and delicate in colors and reminds of a rosary garden.

I love the change of hues, the play of color in this painting. It looks fresh… like this excitement of a new beginning when you wake up in the morning and just feel wonderful.

My beloved husband helped me to capture the process of creating this artwork. The result is stunning, from the images to music – just have a look! 😀

The third artwork is a grisaille, a monochrome painting. I used only black paint for it, so the tints are the result of adding more water.

Is that possible to create something exciting or outstanding if we consciously limit ourselves? I think the answer is yes. Sometimes we acquire a lot more when we deliberately dispose of the unnecessary elements…

And here I have another wonderful video. I admire it so much because it embodies my vision of gothic/dark art motifs with the gloomy look & feel and spontaneity of watercolor paint. It doesn’t leave a chance to remain indifferent. 🙂

I edited the artworks and uploaded the designs at some print on demand shops. To be honest, I absolutely love how they look at the items! Like here:

You can buy something with these wonderful watercolor skulls on DesignByHumans and RedBubble.

I enjoyed working on these paintings. Looking forward to expanding this series!

I hope you like this experimental project. 🙂 Will be so awesome to hear from you 😉

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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