An In Depth Turorial on Drawing Natural Textures with Ink Liners

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It seems like I didn’t write here for some time 🙂 Actually, there are reasons for that, but I’ll tell you about them in another post, next time.

Today I have a news that is truly wonderful; it may be interesting for those who want to deepen their skills in drawing with ink.

I was honored to create an in-depth tutorial on drawing natural textures with ink liners. It is published at The Virtual Instructor – an educational website I personally admire. (If you are serious about your intention to learn drawing from the fundamentals, advance your skills or find inspiration, I highly recommend checking this site. I learned a lot there and am still learning!)

My article contains the information on finding ideas for a multiple object drawing, analyzing and depicting various textures with ink, creating an underdrawing of a complex artwork and full step-by-step process of inking it.

Drawing this hedgehog in a natural environment and systematizing the knowledge for this tutorial was a true pleasure. I hope that my experience and explanations will be useful for you 😉

I’d be happy to know if this material is helpful for you – feel free to drop me a line via the Contact page. 🙂

What is your biggest struggle in drawing with ink or ink liners? Your answer can be a starting point for a new tutorial or article!

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