Moments of My Life

It seems I didn’t post anything for a while… but now am ready to fix this.

This year was very contradictory for me: there were some noteworthy doings, a lot of enjoyable moments, but also some issues, particularly health related. I had weeks when I couldn’t get upright, let alone work. This is kind of sad, but also life-changing in all of senses: I had the chance to rethink all my goals, plans, attitude to myself and my art. This crisis left me bared and cleaned.

Unfortunately, I still can’t be as active and effective as I was before the issues emerged. I can’t work as much, but my desire to draw and become a better artist is much stronger now.

I’m grateful that you follow this journey with me. There are big plans, and we’ll see if I can fulfill them. I hope so!

If you’re interested in seeing more of my current work – sketches and drawings – please check out my Instagram page. I’m posting quite frequently now 🙂

The following post here on the blog will be about all the wonderful in-depth tutorials that I’ve created in recent times.

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