My Tutorials Published on The Virtual Instructor

Moments of My Life

Here is the list of step-by-step drawing tutorials that I wrote for The Virtual Instructor – the great place to grow the skills and become inspired!

Drawing With Ink Liners: Natural Textures

An in-depth master class showing the whole process of working on a complex ink illustration:

  • choosing the idea and developing it into a concept;
  • using the method of associations;
  • creating a pencil underdrawing;
  • analyzing and studying a texture;
  • the nuts and bolts of drawing with ink liners.

Go to the tutorial

How to Draw a Lizard with Pen and Ink

A creative approach to transferring a photo into an ink drawing. And, of course, a detailed guide to working with ink liners and depicting complex textures!

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Drawing a Dragonfly: Stippling with Pen and Ink

Stippling is a great way to enter the world of ink. This technique is meditative and easy to understand; some objects seem to be made for it. What is more, dots can be different not only in size bit in color, too!

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How to Draw a Frog with Graphitint Pencils

This lesson is on using with water-soluble tinted graphite pencils combined with toned green paper. What a fascinating union!

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10 Exercises for Confident Lines and Accurate Hatching

It seems that everybody wants to draw fun things. But is it really possible to skip the basics? I believe that practicing line and hatching exercises is beneficial for artists of any skill level.

The lesson includes downloadable and printable worksheet!

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Draw a Fish: Pen and Ink Drawing with Digital Painting

This master-class is a three-in-one guide to drawing a bluegill with ink on paper, scanning and editing it in Adobe Photoshop, and creating a digital painting layer to add the color.

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How to Correct Mistakes in Pen and Ink Drawings

Ink has a reputation of an unforgiving medium; a blob of water, an accidental error or smear – and your beautiful artwork is ruined. But is it true? In this article, I’m talking about the meaning of mistakes and their important role. And, of course, we’ll observe the whole range of ways and tools to fix an unfortunate mistake.

Go to the article

How to Draw a Mushroom – Pen and Ink

A quick tutorial on working with natural objects, using the ink liners.  Go to the tutorial

This list will be expanded… 🙂

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