Fish in the Forest

Colored Pencils, Moments of My Life, My Artworks & Process of Drawing

Spring is somewhere close – it feels in the air, in the brightness of the blue sky and in the timidness of the sunbeams.

This winter was tough for me in some way; I constantly felt weak and tired. The work on the personal projects was almost impossible; I couldn’t even predict when I’d be able to advance at any of the things that were in progress.

That’s why I hope that the coming spring months will bring more joy and freedom, especially in the physical sense. However, any option is wonderful 🙂

Today I’d like to show you a series of photos. It was made in last October – needed to say that it was an incredibly warm month, t-shirts instead of jackets or coats. We with my husband took some drawings from my “Colored Pencils Fish” collection and photographed them in a forest.

Just take a look at this beauty 🙂

And this:

(To be honest, I can’t wait for warm days to come! It will be much easier to walk in the wood – the place where I feel most alive).

All the photos were edited to emphasize that wonderful feel of an enchanted forest. It is still very lively, but there are signs of fading and falling asleep everywhere.

The fish drawings give the impression of some fantasy creatures that got into the environment that is alien for them. However, there is unique harmony that can’t be expressed.

A fish that belongs to a forest? Why not 😀

Due to editing, the colors in the drawings were slightly distorted. In reality, fishes are brighter, more vibrant. That’s why I’m going to get them photographed again, in a “usual” setup.

In the slideshow below are some other drawings from the series.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For me, the fish theme is a source of constant inspiration. I have a plan to expand the series of drawings made with colored pencils – the more, the better. All kinds of fish deserve being captured by a brush, pen or pencils, and become perpetuated.

Thanks for being with me on this throwback journey. I hope to see you soon!

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