“Depression” Artwork

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Hello, Friends. In today’s post, I’d like to present you another work from “The Wanderings” series. This one is called “Depression”.

The hedgehog is the main character of this drawing. It is a symbol. It represents a person who doesn’t believe that happiness or even some kind of future is ahead of him (or her).

Depression serves as a border between that person and real life. It creates an empty space with a strong taste of misery and sadness. Like a thick blanket, it helps to hide from things that require attention. Hiding is a way of denying, a way to avoid the necessity to solve any problems. If nothing is worth trying, believing in or aiming for…so what’s the point to react or act?

Also, depression provides an excuse to stop caring. Yes, it can be very difficult to make a decision to live – in the true sense of this word – but the choice is always ours🙂

There are threats around the hedgehog, but it can’t notice them. The empty space created by depression is illusory, but the decision to hide makes it seem real. Fear, then suppression and denial make everything unbearable.

This character can’t see that happiness is still possible. Life is challenging, but it’s up to us whether we’ll be grateful and happy or not. It always is.

There are three ‘windows’ in the upper part of the drawing. Each of them demonstrates a part of life or action that could be available for our hedgehog.

The first one symbolizes enjoying wonderful moments, learning more about the world and being an integral part of this environment.

When our attitude is healthy, we’re sincerely interested in life and open to things that may happen. We are living now. We are actively looking for beauty and joy.

Second ‘window’ is showing us the life of full value – a life that could be available to our hedgehog. It symbolizes the ability to love and be loved.

A constructive attitude allows us feeling unconditional love to ourselves, others, and everything that happens around. It creates emotional abundance. Circumstances don’t dictate us what to feel and how to behave – we become free, keeping the world of inner calmness inside us.

The third ‘window’ symbolizes the ability to stand up for yourself and be flexible in a relationship with reality. It is far from being detached or always obedient 🙂

Life can present difficulties. It definitely will. But it’s up to us if we take them as a resource, a fuel to become stronger, or just break.

Despite the sad name, I think this drawing is about something positive. As long as we’re alive, there is a possibility to change life by changing the attitude. It is hard work – not as simple as just wanting to live a better life. But this decision is so worth making.

Happiness is possible, and small symbols like four-leaf clover point to that.

For me personally, this artwork is very important. For the whole life, I was obsessed with perfection. It was greater than me, devouring and devaluing all the nice things I accomplished.

As you probably know, it’s very difficult to change something in an ink drawing after the lines are on the paper. In most cases, making a big mistake means starting all over again, from scratch.

When I worked on this drawing, I took the wrong direction and it spoiled an important area. This happens rarely but rarely doesn’t mean never. Actually, that area was quite large and noticeable. At that time, some parts were already completed and I really liked them. That’s why I didn’t want to start all over again.

Making a new “perfect copy” meant that I might get a technically great drawing, but the elusive something (called mood or spontaneity) would be lost.

I decided to correct the mistake and continue the work. Yes, the original artwork demonstrates signs of corrections, but my respect for this drawing is greater than respect for my ego that wants having only perfect drawings. I decided to love and accept no matter what.

Let’s choose to be happy and grateful. Let’s live our lives in full!

I hope you like the artwork. Thanks for your attention!

6 thoughts on ““Depression” Artwork

  1. I had to comment on this art work Eugenia!! This has been a part of my problems ALL my life. Mental health is a very real problem an Invisable Disability. I am Speechless that you have chosen this Subject and spoke about it so Well. Thankyou. XX Biker Dave.


    1. It’s so difficult to create something on the topic of mental health. All these things are tough for people who live with them. I’m happy if this artwork resonates with you 🙂


  2. Hi Eugenia. Beautiful as always and I love your explanation behind the different parts of the artwork, and the fact that you continued despite the setback which I think resonates with the concept of pushing on in the face of difficulties. Your art and writings are a joy to behold!


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