The New Video

Moments of My Life

Hello, Friends! Let me present you a new video. It is dedicated to one of my favorite themes – drawing textures with ink.

This topic is extremely important for any artist that uses black ink as their primary medium. In this case, we can’t rely on color. The ability to design a form, convey the light and shadow pattern, and create a credible illusion of texture is (almost) everything we have in our set of options.

Yes, it is a challenge – but also a fun and inspiring thing to deal with.

In the video, I’m talking about principles that allow grasping the most important features of a material. I’m sharing a list of questions that always help me to analyze a texture. Also, there you can see how I approach practice. Two kinds of drawing exercises are here to help you level-up your skills.

To be honest, making this video took a lot of time and effort. I’m happy that it is finally complete 🙂 The topic of textures in ink is endless; the more I explore it, the more this becomes obvious.

Of course, it’s impossible to cover all the details in one video, but it may be a good starting point for some people.

As you may know, my native language is Russian, so I speak that language on the video. There are English subtitles that I prepared for your convenience.

I hope this video will be helpful. Happy watching!


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