Black and White Ink, My Artworks & Process of Drawing

Hello Friends! I hope you’re enjoying bright and colorful autumn days. And the Inktober, of course! How is it going?

Today I’d like to show you an artwork that was inspired by the forest walks in the summer months.

This year, we went to gather mushrooms quite many times. I saw all kinds of mushrooms; they were different in size, form, texture, and colors. It was simply mind-blowing! I’m so grateful for this experience.

Then an idea came to my mind. What if I create several artworks with mushrooms as the main theme, or subject, or even characters? (Yes, today’s drawing is only a starting point for the whole new series.)

I use the word “characters” deliberately because every mushroom is truly unique. Any of them has some kind of personality. It’s up to the artist to reveal and convey those fascinating features.

Then I started the work 🙂

I’ll say it upfront that I’m going to write a long post and show you the whole process, including reference photos, inspirations, sketches, and steps of drawing in detail. I was documenting everything! But I need some time for it because the post is expected to become quite lengthy. I’ll do my best to make it both interesting and full of value for everyone who learns to draw with ink.

So please be patient – and for now, take a look at the completed artwork.

The artwork is of A2 paper size. It is drawn mostly with ink liners, but I also added some graphite here and there to make smoother value transitions. This simple trick also helps to save time, that’s why I use this combination of media quite often for almost a year now.

And here are some close-up fragments in the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you like mushrooms and gathering them? 😀

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