Moments of My Life

It seems I didn’t post anything for a while… but now am ready to fix this.

This year was very contradictory for me: there were some noteworthy doings, a lot of enjoyable moments, but also some issues, particularly health related. I had weeks when I couldn’t get upright, let alone work. This is kind of sad, but also life-changing in all of senses: I had the chance to rethink all my goals, plans, attitude to myself and my art. This crisis left me bared and cleaned.

Unfortunately, I still can’t be as active and effective as I was before the issues emerged. I can’t work as much, but my desire to draw and become a better artist is much stronger now.

I’m grateful that you follow this journey with me. There are big plans, and we’ll see if I can fulfill them. I hope so!

If you’re interested in seeing more of my current work – sketches and drawings – please check out my Instagram page. I’m posting quite frequently now 🙂

The following post here on the blog will be about all the wonderful in-depth tutorials that I’ve created in recent times.

An In Depth Turorial on Drawing Natural Textures with Ink Liners

Articles & Drawing Tutorials, Drawing With Ink

It seems like I didn’t write here for some time 🙂 Actually, there are reasons for that, but I’ll tell you about them in another post, next time.

Today I have a news that is truly wonderful; it may be interesting for those who want to deepen their skills in drawing with ink.

I was honored to create an in-depth tutorial on drawing natural textures with ink liners. It is published at The Virtual Instructor – an educational website I personally admire. (If you are serious about your intention to learn drawing from the fundamentals, advance your skills or find inspiration, I highly recommend checking this site. I learned a lot there and am still learning!)

My article contains the information on finding ideas for a multiple object drawing, analyzing and depicting various textures with ink, creating an underdrawing of a complex artwork and full step-by-step process of inking it.

Drawing this hedgehog in a natural environment and systematizing the knowledge for this tutorial was a true pleasure. I hope that my experience and explanations will be useful for you 😉

I’d be happy to know if this material is helpful for you – feel free to drop me a line via the Contact page. 🙂

What is your biggest struggle in drawing with ink or ink liners? Your answer can be a starting point for a new tutorial or article!

How to Draw a Turtle – New Tutorial on Envato Tuts+

Articles & Drawing Tutorials

Great news! A new tutorial on drawing turtles was just published on Envato Tuts+ 🙂 There I’m showing my process of depicting a turtle from scratch in a side and an aerial view, using the HB and 3B graphite pencils.

It was a pleasure to work on this material – a turtle is a true treasure from the artistic standpoint; it presents rich and versatile textures and a complex body structure. My goal was to transform this complexity into something simple and easy to understand.

I hope you’ll love this tutorial. Have fun! 😀

New Colored Pencil Tutorial!

Articles & Drawing Tutorials, Colored and Watercolor Pencils

Let me introduce you a new tutorial, it was just published on the Envato Tuts+ website 🙂

Learn Colored Pencil Techniques and How to Create a Trio of Flowers

In this lesson, I’m talking about the basic principles of drawing with the colored pencils, including various types of hatching, layering colors, blending and burnishing techniques. Here you can find all the necessary fundamentals and pictorial examples for creating your own colored pencil art. 🙂

It’s not just a bare theory, but a demonstration of the drawing process. I draw three poppies, each of a different coloring, and unite them into a harmonious composition.

I hope you’ll enjoy the tutorial. Have fun! 😀

How to Draw Antlers Step by Step – New Tutorial on Envato Tuts+

Articles & Drawing Tutorials, Drawing With Ink

As you might notice, I often draw animals. Those animals usually have horns or antlers; I love their amazing varied texture so much! 😀 These structures are wonderful from the artistic standpoint. 🙂 That’s why the theme of drawing antlers is so close to me.

Let me introduce my new tutorial published on Envato Tuts+ – How to Draw Antlers Step by Step. I’m showing my process of designing the deer antlers from scratch with a graphite pencil and inking the artwork.