How to Draw an Octopus Step by Step – Envato Tuts+ Tutorial

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I’m happy to announce that a new tutorial was just published on Envato Tuts+ 🙂

How to Draw an Octopus Step by Step

I’m showing a process of drawing an octopus from scratch, talking about the anatomic features of this amazing creature, and then – the inking part. I used mostly the dotted (stippling) technique for completing this ink artwork.

In this lesson, I was paying additional attention to the significant details, like drawing the arms (commonly known as the tentacles) of an octopus.

It’s such a wonderful coincidence that this tutorial is live today – when the Inktober challenge is going forward at a steady gait.

Exploring Ink Textures: Paint & Draw Practical Art Magazine

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Just a sneak peek: here is a couple of drawings I’ve made for Paint & Draw practical art magazine. 🙂

The theme of the articles are textures in ink – I show my process of analyzing a texture and designing it with ink liners. Coming soon!

I’m personally a fan of this magazine, and highly recommend it to everybody who is interested in developing the skills and learning something new. And it’s also very inspirational! 😀 It’s a great honor to be among the authors.

How to Draw 10 Different Varieties of Berry

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Yesterday I was away from the keyboard, and here is a new tutorial published on Envato Tuts+: How to Draw 10 Different Varieties of Berry. Welcome! 🙂

I did my best to provide simple explanations and show some tips on using graphite pencils.

That post is part of a series called 10 Years of Envato Tuts+! which is a sequence of amazing educational content united by the number 10 😀

How to Draw a Banana – New Envato Tuts+ Tutorial

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Let me introduce a new tutorial on sketching with a graphite pencil and ink liners 🙂 I’m showing a fun, quick and easy way to draw. 😀

How to Draw a Banana

As you can see, there are three different drawings: a banana in a solid peel, a slice, and an example with a partly removed peel.

Exploring an object in multiple variants is so useful for developing the skills and creating a library of things that can be drawn from memory 🙂

How to Draw a Bird – New Tutorial on Envato Tuts+

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Let me present you a new tutorial published on Envato Tuts+: “How to Draw a Bird Step by Step”.

There I’m showing the process of creating a nature-inspired composition, first with a graphite pencil and then – using a variety of colored pencils.

Blue birds are so charming, aren’t they? ❤ Especially when they’re singing! 😀

The Basics of Ink Techniques: Contour Hatching and Cross-Contour Hatching

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In today’s article, our theme is the contour hatching technique and the ways how to use it in your wonderful ink artworks.

This post is a part of the series “The Basics of Drawing with Ink.” I had to publish the articles of the series separately because there is just too much information for one.

In this series, we are exploring the pillars of ink drawing mastery: line, hatching, cross-hatching and contour hatching.

Everything starts with this background. You can build any texture in your ink drawing, and exactly the knowledge of basics gives you endless possibilities.

You may also find interesting these parts:

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The Basics of Ink Techniques: Hatching and Cross-Hatching

Introduction to Dotwork (Stippling) Technique in Ink

What Is Contour Hatching

The main difference between an ordinary hatch and a contour hatch is that the latter is deliberately repeating the shape (the contour) of an object, emphasizing its three-dimensional look.

By the way, you might have seen something similar in the 3d programs when a shape is formed by the lines.

The contour hatching is an excellent way to show that the depicted objects have volume – they are not just flat shapes. That’s why combining the contrast and the contour hatching makes some ink drawings really impressive.

The contour hatches can have a vertical or horizontal orientation. Which kind works best for your drawing, is up to you to decide; this flair evolves with experience and practice.