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It’s just so amazing to be a part of this life. Just a small element of the big outer world (full of curiosities!), and a core of your inner kingdom, where happens all the magic.

In the past, I thought that it is crucial to become better day after day, do something meaningful without wasting time, be useful for others and leave a mark in history.

This idea is quite good, but it doesn’t let a person realize something substantial.

There is nothing that is all-important – or more important than other things.

Any person isn’t that important in the world’s context, any purpose or good intention is just an idea that we’ve chosen to live with – in the long run. Without a person or his/her contribution, the world may change a bit, but it won’t stop its race.

Any big dream, goal or calling is a myth in some way. It can give an illusion of purpose, but the real purpose is in the very process of being. It may take a form of exploring yourself, your talents and abilities, other people, nature, culture, or just having fun… whatever.

The more I live, the more I see how everything that is commonly appreciated loses its value for me. I don’t want a career, or professional success, or appreciation, or authority, or a big house or wealth. I don’t deny or reject those things; they are just toys.

A toy can evoke a smile, but it won’t make you happy. And definitely, a toy isn’t worth dying for or stressing yourself out. Sometimes such a toy requires too many resources to get and hold in place, and it usually wastes your attention and puts the focus out of the right things.

In many cases, less is more. Much more.

For me, art is a way of collecting beauty. Pleasant impressions, imprints of emotions, wonderful color combinations and textures; a confirmation of life’s abundance…

But there is nothing that relates to my persona or a feeling of self-importance. I want to be dissolved in life, in the things I create or explore.

This is my way of feeling right.

Ambitions and Expectations

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A year ago, I had a real depression. Everything that formed a core of my outlook was falling apart. I didn’t want to do anything, even making new art seemed a dull and worthless task. “What’s the point?” I asked myself, and the silence was an answer.

I’m telling you about that period because this week I was thinking about it a lot. I felt the necessity to recharge and refresh my list of reasons why I was doing all these things: creating art, writing, teaching and even – why do I even live.

I came to a conclusion that it is tough to be free and peaceful when you have some expectations and ambitions that may obscure your true values.

Be Honest

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After an extremely busy working week with actually no day-offs, I’d like to slow down a bit and share some thoughts. 🙂

I was thinking about honesty. There is not much place for exhaustive honesty in the life of an average person. We are chasing symbols of success and new achievements, trying to be nice and polished when it comes to personal and professional relationships.

Striving for perfection is in some way an antipode of honesty. Sometimes it requires too much courage to tell somebody that he or she treats you wrong – or if that’s you who shows a blatant example of disrespect towards yourself.

A Reminder

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Today I looked through my older drawings and gathered all the newer pieces that I’m going to scan in a couple of days. And here is what I have in mind.

There is something special in observing a pile of your artworks after some time they were created.
Now you can see the result with fresh eyes, without stress, tiredness or severe criticism. You can see the true beauty of your effort and your true greatness – as a creator and just a human being – that, against all limits, was able to make all these artworks.

Everybody needs this reminder from time to time. 🙂

Don’t Hope For It More Than You Work For It

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I’d say, know why you are doing this particular thing and what result you’re aspiring after; invest first – and remember that any great building requires very much time, effort, discipline, responsibility (and various physical materials!) to be actually completed. I think this comparison is quite vivid.

So, it’s only a shelter of branches that can be built overnight, but a successful artistic career is not a hut 😀


Magic of Reality

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From time to time, I ask myself what I believe in and why I do all the things: learn, choose themes and make art, write posts, teach and so on. Why do I live and love my life?

The priorities change. At one time my greatest values were the ability to make cool drawings and play to my strengths, do what I personally like doing, then – the possibility to grow as a professional, hone my skills and experience the pure joy of labor.

Something is different now. I realize that the core is my faith in the magic of the real life.

The treasure is hidden in the simplicity; there is no need to chase anything special to feel the beauty and the uniqueness of the moment. Happiness always comes from within, and our biggest and most important challenge as living creatures is developing the ability to be contented, harmonious, loving, grateful, brave and sincere.

And – to live in reality, sense it and be friends with it; without complaints or illusory desires of being a different person in a different place.

When you observe the world around you in such state, everything seems to be unusual. Special. Amazing. Magical. Full of joy and purpose.

And all that lies above and beyond this inner state is just a fun, pleasant and blessed toy to play with – our possessions, relationships, abilities, goals, activities, values, talents, ideas, social and professional roles. These toys aren’t really ours, and they can be taken away anytime, just as our life. So there is no point in trying to seize everything and make it stay forever, or become perfect and live an ideal life.

When you feel this simple magic of conscious and accepting living, many things that caused doubts, condemnations, regrets and fears in the past, suddenly come into the right places. And you face another question – what should I do with all these liberated resources? 😀 The choice is up to you!


Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

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“Be so good they can’t ignore you” is a great quote from a book that I was reading recently.

I love the idea of hard work and the joy of labor. I admire the principles of domination (not competition) and playing on the side of your core values and strengths.

But what I find especially important is the notion of deliberate practice.

People who become true masters of their craft are great at working through their weak links, not just perpetual repeating the things that already turn out quite well. They also don’t grudge the time for preparational work that usually stays behind the scenes.

It is an effort for real growth, not for idle pleasure or illusory self-affirmation in an attempt of becoming more confident.

Life is complex; it consists of both happiness and grief, pleasure and pain, comfort and overcoming. The freedom is the acceptance of reality and the ability to make a step towards your fears and doubts.

There is no point in avoidant behavior because the results don’t lie. To become great in art and creative business, a person has to be fearless when it comes to facing things that don’t turn out well enough and have patience to practise over and over again.

I believe we are here to grow. 🙂