Slow Down

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One thing I had trouble with for a long time, is finding a balance between the desire to make all sorts of projects, rapidly and confidently advance in the artistic career – and the ability to control my emotions, be calm and inner-integral.

There is so much to do that doesn’t relate to drawing or painting when you are a professional artist! And you also should make chunks of time to create new beautiful stuff.

My mind works in a swift impetuous mode. I often felt lucky that I am a person who is interested in millions of things and insistently tries to realize this interest.  However, this feature almost always shows drawbacks: tiredness, a state of mental dispersion, and doubts.

It is easy to get into the trap of desire to be great in everything: in art, in all kinds of relationships, in your creative business; paying attention to the cover but not at the contents.

Sometimes I feel like the modern world is insane: people run to reach their goals as fast as they can, making all sorts of things along the way, but can’t answer the question why they think their actions and goals are important particularly for them. Just for a chance to be a “successful” person?

Happiness is not a destination. And there is no way how you can feel good if you are in a constant hurry or slight displeasure, experiencing long-lasting stress or compulsion.

Good news is that much of the enforcement is created by ourselves. It is us who think that we are not good enough or could be a bit better, faster, more diligent or skilled in art or business, could make one more task today or by the end of the week.

It is not pleasant to admit our limits, especially having in mind all those wonderful people around the world, who show amazing results of their work.

It is necessary to find a sincere connection with your inner self – that is the idea I find insightful.

Do things that personally YOU love and find meaningful. Sometimes we commit to anything that we don’t even need or choose a goal that doesn’t actually warm us up!

Remember, you have the freedom and responsibility. It is up to you, will you regret or appreciate.

Say “no” to anything or anybody that makes you bored, unhappy and doesn’t add real value to your life. Unfortunately, it is too difficult to please everybody around you, in all possible times and all situations.

Love your creative core and nurture it – you are the person who deserves to be appreciated and cared of.

It is possible to choose the life and goals that make you passionate voluntarily. Even if nobody is willing to applause or pay you for them right now. It is your life, after all – why should you be a copy or an obedient listener of somebody’s will and limitation beliefs?

So wonderful to slow down a bit and ask yourself, if you feel good about your actions and their direction. Are you doing this particular thing for your sincere happiness and pleasure right at this moment (and for the benefit of your brilliant future), or just for an illusory image of “being nice and hard-working” person?

Slowing down doesn’t necessarily mean taking a vacation in the middle of the urgent project or having a whole day-off to rest. It is rather a moment when you connect with your inner core and set the priorities, shake off the stress and choose integrity.

I believe that career, goals, and adherence to some principles of “true aspiring (or successful) artist” should never be a key-note of the life. For me, this place is given to the Purpose (self-development and making the world a better place) and my Freedom to choose whatever I want.

Slow down, just for a moment.


Taking Action

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One important thing that I learned in my life is the value of taking action.

A person can dream, make plans, try all the possible ways to become more conscious and happy, but without a real materially-minded movement of having things done, all the spiritual aspirations and goals written on a paper sheet are almost nothing. They make no difference.

The same goes for any brilliant ideas – they are only mental dust without executing.

The life is all about making step by step, living one day after another. It is a journey of completed projects and comprehensive skills that were formed in the course of a long time.

I believe it is absolutely possible to achieve great results in your special way. You just have to take action, without delays and thoughts like “I can do it later.”

When there is no action, appears fear. It is a barrier that obstructs the full-flowing river of freedom and grandeur. The temptation to reduce the list of your wishes and goals becomes almost unbearable.

How to wipe the mean-spirited apprehensive thoughts off your mind? By setting aside the excuses and taking action.

How to finally love and accept yourself? By doing things that you were afraid of immersing in and allowing yourself to do for a long time.

An action is courage to be the person you really are deep inside your heart. A human being you can be proud of.

Say “I can do it” and do. Every day, little by little. This simple scheme makes wonderful changes in life because bits of the progress create momentum.

Take responsibility and be the driving force of your own advancement.


Be Passionate

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My 2017 year started with a distinct feeling of mental eagerness.

I consume various kinds of information, read dozens of books, listen, learn, and expand my life experience in many ways that aren’t directly related to art or my specialty. Everything happens in my own head – I don’t have to go anywhere.

A blissful state of self-sufficiency and knowledge that I can be whoever I want and develop any skill I really like to have. No need to choose with logic and denial.

The time we live in is absolutely fantastic – most of the things we need, appear just at the fingertips. This only idea makes me so passionate about life, about every day of being able to evolve.

It’s not about doing only the right things, not wasting your valuable time, or being a smart person that knows everything. If you look at it from another angle, all human culture is inspired by creativity – and unique wisdom that brings together practical knowledge and desire to make something worth living through the ages.

I believe real life is all about the wish to make every breath conscious and spending every day with passion. ❤

be passionate

Will I Regret Not Having Done It?

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This is the question I ask myself every time when I’m not sure if I’m going into the right direction.

It’s essential that human beings want to be safe, loved and approved. We like having less stress and more calmness. However, sometimes all these reference points become illusory and we choose a mediocre life instead of real greatness and valuable fulfillment.

Everything comes from within: happiness, love, gratitude. There is no need to search for approval, serenity or love in any person’s attitude – because all wonderful things always start from yourself. That’s why it is said that you should love yourself first.

I think about self-approval – I had troubles with it for a long time. There always was something I could have done better, faster, more ideal, beautiful, correct. A better version of myself was a competitor I could do nothing with.

I knew that having this illusory rival in mind is something I will regret in future. I already did! For years it didn’t allow me to value myself and my creations, discover my real worth and get what I really deserved.

It’s ironic but all the yardstick of worth and dignity is so relative.

Why can’t a person choose an idea that anything he or she does is amazing and worthy?

So many nerve cells could be saved and so many great creations could be made. More people could become abundant and inwardly free.

This “regret” thing is unique for everybody. What do (or don’t) you do now that you will regret in future?

no regrets

Enjoy the Moment

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A thought about people with many passions and natural curiosity.

Our life is a transit from one unknown place to another, and no matter how badly we want to seize the precious moment of joy and love, and make it stay for a bit longer – it will go away. Live is a constant movement.

I thought for a long time that there is a huge injustice that we forget everything that we don’t use frequently, and every skill that is not practiced regularly becomes faded.

But now I realize that there is nothing wrong or sad. We are free to do anything we want! To try different things, explore, make our lives just fabulous. Any limit like “you shouldn’t get scattered” or “you should do this one thing” is something that we bring to our world from other people’s beliefs, it doesn’t come naturally, from within.

If something goes away, let it go – life isn’t about collecting. If your priorities change, let them. A person doesn’t have to become obsessed with success and comparison to anything or anybody.

It’s all about the movement and being at the moment. Just live, express yourself and make things you find interesting. Be free and curious.

I believe you will be grateful to yourself at the end of this journey – for all the things that you tried and experienced 😉

enjoy the moment

Looking back with gratitude…

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Today I’m 27.
I feel grateful for this amazing, breath-taking adventure! 🙂 I experienced so many different things in my life.

It wasn’t ever easy: I went through drama and anxiety, was homeless and alone, sometimes I even felt completely broken, worthless and miserable. I was determined to become a winner in this life and stay on my path – through persistence and hard work. I also got to know hope, trust, blissful gratitude and unconditional love, my biggest treasures.

What I especially keep in mind for the gone year, is the sense of passion for my mission: art and writing, making the world a better place. I got to know myself better and became more attentive, sensitive, and calm person.

Now I know why being happy is a better choice than being cheerless or anxious. I believe we, people, are designed to be unique parts of something bigger, like some great Integrity. We feel fulfilled and purposeful in a state of connection with the world, together with other living beings. When we are happy and make a choice of positive attitude, the sense of connection and integrity gains strength – and we feel a flow of something very pleasing.

My wish to myself for the next year of my life is a progress in the great school of Life. I want to learn how to choose emotions and thoughts more wisely, change attitude to anything happening in the most effective way, and be more free and open to the world – and all nice things to come. I think it’s time to be actually unstoppable and gradually let go of everything limiting.

Life is incredible. Every minute is precious, it’s the time when the magic of objective reality happens, step by step. Everybody has a guiding star and so many possible things to accomplish.

Be great every moment of your life. 🙂

Thank you for being with me in this amazing adventure, Friends.  🙂 You honored me.

img_20161214_031829From yesterday’s walk 🙂 Magic of winter evening and bright spots of color