The New Video

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Hello, Friends! Let me present you a new video. It is dedicated to one of my favorite themes – drawing textures with ink.

This topic is extremely important for any artist that uses black ink as their primary medium. In this case, we can’t rely on color. The ability to design a form, convey the light and shadow pattern, and create a credible illusion of texture is (almost) everything we have in our set of options.

Yes, it is a challenge – but also a fun and inspiring thing to deal with.

In the video, I’m talking about principles that allow grasping the most important features of a material. I’m sharing a list of questions that always help me to analyze a texture. Also, there you can see how I approach practice. Two kinds of drawing exercises are here to help you level-up your skills.

To be honest, making this video took a lot of time and effort. I’m happy that it is finally complete 🙂 The topic of textures in ink is endless; the more I explore it, the more this becomes obvious.

Of course, it’s impossible to cover all the details in one video, but it may be a good starting point for some people.

As you may know, my native language is Russian, so I speak that language on the video. There are English subtitles that I prepared for your convenience.

I hope this video will be helpful. Happy watching!


Forest Treasures, or How to Find Your Theme

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Hello, dear Friend. What is your place of power? Mine definitely is forestor something that has much water with a forest around it.

In a forest, I feel free and curious. My mind is resting; there is no need to rush anything. Also, I like the abundance of colors, especially the variations of greens.

Being in a forest allows seeing things at a real scale. What was important an hour ago, becomes insignificant; all the illusions fade and disappear.

Thoughts disappear, too. Then, the new, wiser and more conscious thoughts come, giving the answers to questions I didn’t know I had.

Fish in the Forest

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Spring is somewhere close – it feels in the air, in the brightness of the blue sky and in the timidness of the sunbeams.

This winter was tough for me in some way; I constantly felt weak and tired. The work on the personal projects was almost impossible; I couldn’t even predict when I’d be able to advance at any of the things that were in progress.

That’s why I hope that the coming spring months will bring more joy and freedom, especially in the physical sense. However, any option is wonderful 🙂

Today I’d like to show you a series of photos. It was made in last October – needed to say that it was an incredibly warm month, t-shirts instead of jackets or coats. We with my husband took some drawings from my “Colored Pencils Fish” collection and photographed them in a forest.

Just take a look at this beauty 🙂


Moments of My Life

It seems I didn’t post anything for a while… but now am ready to fix this.

This year was very contradictory for me: there were some noteworthy doings, a lot of enjoyable moments, but also some issues, particularly health related. I had weeks when I couldn’t get upright, let alone work. This is kind of sad, but also life-changing in all of senses: I had the chance to rethink all my goals, plans, attitude to myself and my art. This crisis left me bared and cleaned.

Unfortunately, I still can’t be as active and effective as I was before the issues emerged. I can’t work as much, but my desire to draw and become a better artist is much stronger now.

I’m grateful that you follow this journey with me. There are big plans, and we’ll see if I can fulfill them. I hope so!

If you’re interested in seeing more of my current work – sketches and drawings – please check out my Instagram page. I’m posting quite frequently now 🙂

The following post here on the blog will be about all the wonderful in-depth tutorials that I’ve created in recent times.

Exploring Ink Textures: Paint & Draw Practical Art Magazine

Drawing With Ink, Moments of My Life

Just a sneak peek: here is a couple of drawings I’ve made for Paint & Draw practical art magazine. 🙂

The theme of the articles are textures in ink – I show my process of analyzing a texture and designing it with ink liners. Coming soon!

I’m personally a fan of this magazine, and highly recommend it to everybody who is interested in developing the skills and learning something new. And it’s also very inspirational! 😀 It’s a great honor to be among the authors.

Looking into the future

Moments of My Life

Late spring and summer usually are the time of slowing down for me. I put my thoughts and priorities in order, enjoy the freedom that almost feels everywhere – and also observe the beauty of the outer world full of curiosities.

This year is no exception; many things were thought over, and new decisions were made. I’ve chosen what to dig into and what to abandon… Maybe this “hold-mode” is not a permanent answer, but it’s still a wonderful idea if one wants to focus and get much better at something.

The changes are so natural – coming fall and winter months are the time for accomplishing, acting, moving forward, creating and getting the idea of what I’m actually capable of.

Life is a process of a constant change-over and a transition of rhythm. The only thing that may be constant is a sincere aspiration for better choices, decisions, attitude models. 🙂


How I’m Spending Summer

Moments of My Life

Hello, Friends 🙂

I haven’t posted anything for quite a long time – that’s because of my new site in the Russian language. I create a ton of content for it, work on new ebooks, and translate some of the articles from this blog.

Plus, there are many new drawings and ideas for the new series, experiments with artistic techniques (I’ll show you a couple of examples soon) and so on, as usual. It is so nice to come back to the normal mode of working and creating after the period of decay that I had in the late spring and the beginning of summer.

At the time, I feel like I’m obsessed with new possibilities, and, especially, the chance to explore myself using a variety of ways. Life is too amazing to be locked in something that is easy and well-known. 🙂

Hopefully, I’ll find an answer how to do a lot of various things and to keep pace with all of my plans.

I spend time outdoor – much more frequently than it happened before. Being in contact with the real world makes me conscious and mindful of all the things I can accomplish – if I wish.

Yesterday we had an enjoyable walk in the forest.

I was lucky enough to run into a teeny-tiny grass-snake, it was so lovely that I just couldn’t believe it wasn’t a credible-looking toy. 😀 Then there were various butterflies, bugs, spiders and other beautiful creatures.

For a long time, I was afraid of forests. Surprisingly how a person can change 😀 Now I feel like everything is perfectly in order!


Moments of My Life

I admire ImagineFX magazine so much. For years I’ve been looking at the amazing art featured in this magazine, and secretly wished that one day my art will be worthy of being published there, too.

Dreams come true if we work hard enough 🙂 Below is one of the pages featuring me and my art (July 2017 issue).

Thanks, ImagineFX magazine – you honored me!