My 2016 Year In Review

Sizing Up

It’s only a few days left before the New 2017 Year comes to us. A traditional time for reviewing the year, right? 🙂

When I was setting goals for the 2016 year, I was inspired with the idea of trying new things and making as many projects as possible. I wanted to be successful and efficient. 🙂

Looking back, I have to admit: this year was such a surprise! I had so much going on in my personal life, my mindset was shifting and changing all the time. A comparison between the present version of myself and the older “me” makes me so surprised – like it was somebody else. I became more calm, loving, grateful, confident and conscious.

What have I accomplished? 

1. I actually tried new things and created many drawings. Although I didn’t create a whole bunch of new digital painting or colored pencils art, I made important steps toward my goals in learning new techniques. There are also more colorful pieces in my artistic “store”.

I just love inclusions of bright colors – in artworks or in photos. 😀


2. My skill in the ink drawing technique has grown and the style itself has become more refined and transparent. There is more subtle light in my artworks, in the way how they look and feel.

The size of my art became larger towards the end of the year, coming near to approximately A2-A1 paper format. The more space I get, the more details I can fill it with 🙂


3. I also drew quite small sketchy pieces, a lot of them (flowers, food, fishing lures, cosmetics and other various objects). Such things are brief and easy to draw – so relaxing! 😀

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4. The set of themes and overall mood of my art has changed to something neutral and more life-affirming. For the 2015 year, the leitmotif was the skull and dark art theme, for the 2016 it was gradually transforming into nature and animals.

I love seeing how much beauty and wonder is hidden in everyday life. 🙂hedgehogs mating5. I’ve created a new “Fish Collection” this year and made drawing fish series a tradition. One of the illustrations, South American redtail catfish, was chosen to be among finalists of the Il·lustraciència Scientific Illustration Award contest! It was such an honor. 🙂

And here is the trout from this collection:golden-trout6. I learned to be determined and spontaneous at the same time. I took day-offs to become acquainted with themes and techniques I was interested in for a long time but didn’t have the courage to immerse into them.

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7. Sometimes it’s great to come back to the existing things with a new vision and experience. That’s why I made other versions of the artworks made in the 2014 – 2015 years.

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8. I realized that I have another passion – writing, and my purpose is teaching and sharing experience to help other people. The greatest pleasure, in my opinion, is to make a difference in the world and do meaningful things.

Although many great articles and drawing tutorials that I wrote for my blog this year haven’t appeared again at the new, recovered version of my website, I know that I’ll write more useful posts, and enrich for the republishing the old ones very soon. 🙂

I also wrote two ebooks on the topics of marketing for artists and licensing. They are in Russian. Creating a book is a difficult and responsible thing, but it’s so fulfilling…


9. I was a passionate learner. My educational interests were in the sphere of marketing, social media, people skills, languages, psychology, business, biology, and, of course, art. I watched video courses, read a tremendous amount of articles and started to form my own professional library of real paper books.

I was reading insanely, not only non-fiction books 🙂 I realized I can seize ideas from everywhere!


10. It looks like I found my way to be connected with the world of great interesting people out there, and being able to work efficiently at the same time. Communication can be fun even if you are an introvert! 🙂 I admire my life and the possibility to make beautiful things for other people, inspire and give sincere warmth.

Let me thank you for being with me, my dear Reader! ❤ I wish you a happy New Year full of joy, inspiration, and great achievements! 🙂wordswag_1481798409778