Black and White Ink, My Artworks & Process of Drawing

Hello Friends! I hope you’re enjoying bright and colorful autumn days. And the Inktober, of course! How is it going?

Today I’d like to show you an artwork that was inspired by the forest walks in the summer months.

This year, we went to gather mushrooms quite many times. I saw all kinds of mushrooms; they were different in size, form, texture, and colors. It was simply mind-blowing! I’m so grateful for this experience.

Then an idea came to my mind. What if I create several artworks with mushrooms as the main theme, or subject, or even characters? (Yes, today’s drawing is only a starting point for the whole new series.)

I use the word “characters” deliberately because every mushroom is truly unique. Any of them has some kind of personality. It’s up to the artist to reveal and convey those fascinating features.

Then I started the work 🙂

I’ll say it upfront that I’m going to write a long post and show you the whole process, including reference photos, inspirations, sketches, and steps of drawing in detail. I was documenting everything! But I need some time for it because the post is expected to become quite lengthy. I’ll do my best to make it both interesting and full of value for everyone who learns to draw with ink.

So please be patient – and for now, take a look at the completed artwork.

I Don’t Want to See the Truth (The Wanderings, Part 1)

Black and White Ink, My Artworks & Process of Drawing

Last year I started a new series of drawings; it is monumental in a way.

To be honest, I was thinking about this series for a year or even longer. In my mind, I was constantly gathering pieces of ideas, associations, stories, personal experience, and observations. This process was painful in a way; I knew I had to start the workbut, at the same time, it never felt quite ready.

Also, I was afraid to tell this story. Where will it bring me? Will it be truly useful for anybody in this world? Is it worth investing hundreds of hours and an enormous amount of effort to complete this project?

This back and forth process continued until one day in October. Then I just took some sheets of ordinary printer paper and started sketching the miniatures of the first three artworks. I drafted everything I had to say, presenting the story as a collection of symbols. Finally, it felt ready enough.

This series is like a living creature. It changes, gets new features and details. I still don’t know how many artworks it will contain. The working title of the series is “The Wanderings”, and it will be divided into “Dark” and “Light” parts, describing our life from different angles.

The first artwork of this series is called “I Don’t Want to See the Truth” and is an autobiographical piece. However, I’m sure that many people will recognize themselves in this story.

Fishing Lures Art

Black and White Ink, My Artworks & Process of Drawing

At the end of April, we with my husband were at the hunting and fishing themed exhibition. I like to visit such places because they spark my creativity and curiosity.

I was walking along the stands and gathered ideas that were rushing in my head. Plenty of ideas! 😀 Couldn’t wait for getting home and starting to draw.

And this is the first artwork made after that event.

I wanted it to look intricate and intertwined, but the depicted objects should still be distinct, with all the textural nuances on the spot.

The size of this drawing is a standard A3 paper size, the tools I used are ink pens numbers 0.5, 0.4, 0.2, 0.1 and 0.05.

But let’s keep the order 🙂 Let me show you the process.

The Mermaid Artwork & News

Black and White Ink, My Artworks & Process of Drawing

And this is the last drawing from the new Marine series. Creating this one was fun – probably because of the unusual square format and the abundance of wonderful sea bottom details.

I love the sea fantasy theme and have many artworks on this topic, so drawing something new and fresh can be challenging. For this piece, I chose several new elements, like a sea turtle, a treasure chest and various combinations of shells and corals for spectacular visual effects.

The Mermaid Artwork

Black and White Ink, My Artworks & Process of Drawing, Video

This is another artwork from the Marine series, and it’s time to write about it and show you the overview. I feel like it took me ages to complete this drawing but the result is worth it 🙂


The artwork is a cut A2 size of paper, so it’s quite a large format, especially for the liners of such small width like 0.05 or 0.1 (I used them a lot for creating textures and details).

The main technical difference between the large-scale drawings I made a year and a half ago, and those I worked on recently is the variation of the line width and increased contrast.

My older artworks were lacy and low-contrast because I used many tiny lines, the thinner, the better. And now I use more liners of broader widths (like number 0.3 or 0.4) and, situationally, apply brush strokes for contouring.

On this photo, you can see me working with an S liner of the Faber-Castell Pitt line (S means 0.3).


An example of the process photo:


A video: creating contours and textures, refining the artwork.

The fragments of the finished artwork as a slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you like the process and the result. I can’t wait to finish the last drawing of this series!

By the way, I have already started the work on that artwork, and today I’ll show the first process photo (if you don’t follow me on social media, check out my Links page and be sure to keep up with my progress! 🙂 ) 

Have a great day and happy spring! 😀

Textures Obsession: Bugs and Horns Artwork

Black and White Ink, My Artworks & Process of Drawing

Today I’d like to present you my new drawing. It is all about the beauty and the complexity of textures. Ink technique seems to exist for depicting all kinds of intricate surfaces. 🙂


The purpose for this drawing is an attempt of mixing together various kinds of animal horns and species of bugs – both categories of these objects are very interesting from the point of textures.

Completed artwork