My Entry For Illustraciencia – International Award on Scientific Illustration

Mixed Media (Ink + Digital), My Artworks & Process of Drawing

It is time to show you the artwork that I created for Illustraciencia, International Award on Scientific Illustration.

I personally adore the idea of this contest; nature is an infinite source of inspiration (there is so much to draw, indeed)! That’s why I decided to participate once again.

An Afterglow

Last year my artwork “South American redtail catfish” became one of the 40 finalists. I was so excited that just couldn’t believe my eyes! So many skilled and experienced artists sent their illustrations to this contest, and being one of the selected is a great honor. 

But let’s have a look at this year’s artwork 🙂

The Concept

It all starts with an idea; I was choosing among different options and making a final decision wasn’t easy. “Should I draw a toad?” I asked myself. “Or should it be a squirrel or a hedgehog?”

It is like a whirlpool: one you conceived to create something, you have so many luring paths waiting for you.

Finally, I settled on the lizard concept because these animals are amazingly textured. It is a pure joy to draw all these small and big scales with a whimsical pattern!

So let me introduce you Furcifer verrucosus, also known as the warty chameleon 😀

The result

The Process Of Creating

Below is a story of transforming an idea into a real tangible drawing and then – a digital illustration.

Her Majesty Toad – Colored Version

Mixed Media (Ink + Digital), My Artworks & Process of Drawing

You may already have seen this artwork in my portfolio – there it was in the original black and white version. Recently I decided that it would look more lively with a slight touch of the color. frogI have chosen a subdued color palette for two reasons: 1) it was a great experiment for varying my usual bright coloring style and also 2) muted composite colors appeared to fit this artwork very well.

Let me show you the process. 🙂


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Description of steps:

I began with a blurry background, keeping everything by and large. Seeing the artwork in general helps to get a united result – I use layers of color with low transparency, so the background color really sets the pitch to all tints in the artwork.

Then it was time to add nuances and accent bigger details, without going into particulars. At this step, I paid main attention to the toad’s texture and varying spots of color.

After that, I reduced the opacity of the black ink layer once more, so the artwork became lighter, as it more transparent and aerial. I also worked on the surroundings, adding as many colorful hatches as needed.

And the final step is refining the contour of the artwork, removing the unnecessary parts.

I also have a short video that illustrates the process:

To complete this process post, here are some fragments in close up:

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And the artwork full size: frog colored artworkI really like how it looks in the finished version 🙂 Hopefully, you enjoyed the process and the result, too.

I truly believe in the power of mixing media. Digitally colored ink artworks look so nice!

This artwork became a print design, so if you are interested in something with it (apparel, home decor goods, stickers, mugs, skins etc.) please check out my shops at DesignByHumans and RedBubble. 🙂

Thank you for watching and have a great day! 🙂

Some Good Old Art

Black and White Ink, Mixed Media (Ink + Digital), My Artworks & Process of Drawing, Oldies

As I said in the very first post, the current version of my portfolio became quite renovated. I excluded many artworks that don’t correspond to the direction I want to go further.

But still, those artworks are nice. Many of them were drawn at the beginning of a very special period of time for me. That’s why I decided to join gather them at one post – to leave their mark in my personal artistic history.

The artworks are accompanied by links to my Redbubble / DesignByHumans shops, just in case if you liked the art so much that got the wish to buy something with it. They have great items – apparel, home decor goods, stickers, etc.

Memento Mori

I’ve created this drawing in the 2014 year, it was the very beginning of my t-shirt design career. A rise of my admiration for dark art and gothic motifs. memento-moriBuy at RedBubble


A severely-looking witch with a black cat and a boiling potion.halloweenBuy at DesignByHumans


A drawing full of love, joy, and admiration (maybe you can sense it?) When I was working on this artwork, I was so happy. Loved everything: this concept, paper, liquid black ink, the nib, hatches. That was a special time.beautiful

Buy at RedBubble

No Time to Waste

I always was aware of the fleetingness of human life. Nobody has time to waste – we are here to do something meaningful!
no-time-to-wasteBuy at RedBubble


Just an image from imagination. I often stay up late and work till dawn. Probably this is how my Insomnia looks like…insomniaBuy at DesignByHumans

Rocking Mermaid

Why can’t a mermaid be a metalhead? 😀 mermaid

Buy at RedBubble

Natural Beauty

Flowers and water… A nature-inspired romantic artwork.natural-beautyBuy at DesignByHumans

I give my heart to you

Youth, so pure and sincere…i-give-my-heart-to-you


A fantasy-inspired art for the “Myths and Legends” Collection at DesignByHumans.dragonBuy at DesignByHumans


Algiz is the rune of defense. I think this pagan mysterious artwork is a prototype of the later Totem drawing. Maybe I’ll create a whole series of runes one day – it would be awesome. I admire history and nature.algizBuy at RedBubble

The Charm of Music

Just a wooden treble and bass clef among flowers, leaves, mushrooms and other natural objects. 🙂musicBuy at RedBubble

And the colorful version:music-color-72Buy at RedBubble

Cactus SkullcactusBuy at RedBubble

Tribal Beauty: Deer Skull deer-skullBuy at RedBubble

And the colorful version of the deer skull – with a flower:deer-skullBuy at RedBubble

A Small Animal Skullsmall-skullBuy at RedBubble

An Odd Romance

A combat boot with flowers in it.bootBuy at RedBubble

The Breathing of Life

A human skull, peonies, and flying petals. Black and white ink artwork about precious moments of transient life.skull-and-peoniesBuy at RedBubble

And one of the colored versions of this artwork:the-breathing-of-lifeBuy at RedBubble

The Seduction of Natural Beauty

A snake and flowers. Art Nouveau motifs inspired.


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