Deadly Embrace Of Love

Deadly Embrace of Love is a conceptual artwork, partially based on my own story: it’s both a narrative and a warning. Another source of inspiration for it was a very beautiful and entrancing  song by Trobar De Morte (it has the same name as my artwork).

This picture is not about unconditional love, a sublime feeling that makes us humans, lets us become more wise and kind.

It’s about poisonous dependence that intoxicates incautious individuals, and insensibly ties them up so firmly that they lose themselves, forget about the priorities and eventually can’t escape… This «love» may be so dangerous and painful.deadly-embrace-of-loveThe artwork is large in the format, it’s close to A2. I used ink liners from 0.03 to 0.2. I absolutely love the elongated formats of paper.

The fragments in close up:27My goal was to make every line and dot perfect. What’s the point in creating art if it’s not worthy of leaving the mark in history? 🙂36

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