Fantasy Fish Series

This is truly an unconventional series of artworks. Here are some of them:


The idea that stands behind the series is the meaning of imagination and fantasy in everyday life. People are accustomed to some things, how they look and feel like. I believe that everything can be unusual and even magical – if we carefully observe the real life that happens around! 🙂

Every creature in this series is a combination of a fish and something else. The more unexpectant this another element is, the better 😀

An expressive mixture of pencil underdrawings:


Several shots of the inking process: process-small

The black and white ink originals:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And colorful mixed media artworks with some additional materials:1 Is it an exotic plant or a fish? 😀2 AF bracing fish of coffee

Interested in the coloring process? Here is a video with a part of it. An originally black and white ink artwork becomes colorful in Adobe Photoshop.

The starting point is having an opaque underlayer (the shape is repeating the artwork). The transparent pixels are locked to keep this shape during the coloring process.

For coloring I use The Nib from Ray Frenden set. The opacity of this tool is rather low, 9-45%

It’s also great to reduce the opacity of the ink art layer and change it to multiply. This helps to unite the overall look of the artwork you color 🙂

Originally it took about 50 minutes to make this amount of work you see on the video. The speed is increased by 4 times.3 Fresh and crispy4 I think it’s inquisitive 🙂5 A predatory strawberry lover6 Flourishing beauty7 Can it fly?8 Dry and mossy9A gothic creature of the night

Another bonus:  I work on the colorful details, shadows and highlights. Here are the Carrot Fish, The Cucumber Fish and the Feathery Fish.

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