Fish Collection 2014

Here is a fish collection that I created back in the 2014 year. I had so much fun drawing these!  Black and white ink and nib art:

perchThis perch still is one of my favorite drawings. Every dot here is in its right place. pikeWild and predatory pike

zanderThoughtful Zander

This trio is well-known to any fisherman, so I decided to unite them in one apparel print. It looks very nice in the real life!


Drawing these beautiful freshwater creatures made me curious if I could create more and make them in color. The most part of other artworks is sea species.dotted

By the way, this fish, along with the others, transformed into an apparel design:



At the time I didn’t know that creating Fish Collections will be a kind of tradition for me 🙂 For example, in the 2016 year, I continued the series with three more trouts 🙂

P.S. By the way, the perch became a prototype for the digital painting illustration:perch-digital-painting

Maybe I’ll transform other fish like this – who knows? 😀

P.S. The most part of the artworks became available on apparel, as wall art, home decor items and other great items. The thematic collection is here at RedBubble.

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