Forest Beauty

An ink fairy tale.

Forest Beauty is one of biggest projects I have ever done by now (this is really large!). My goal for this artwork was to surpass all the previous works in the quantity of the details and refinement.forest-beauty

I wanted to picture something beautiful, mysterious and even… a little wild. That’s why the forest theme was chosen — I like nature, but forests make me feel uncomfortable somehow.

Woods seem to be too unpredictable and independent, they are like human emotions — you need some safety standards.

Wild life, nature is a huge source of inspiration, an essential realm of being for people (although we are keen on civilization games for a long time already), but no matter how close a person is to the nature, he (or she) is still nothing but a guest, a small part of the system, and it’s reasonable to be friendly, but yet — on the alert.

Everything that I said about nature is applicable to our emotions and the unconscious. So this artwork has a dual meaning 🙂

The fragments in close up – so you could find all the cute creatures here:



As a current owner of the original artwork, I have to admit that it is absolutely possible to observe and examine this drawing endlessly 😀

3 This fragment needs no caption 😀

4Guerrilla hedgehog


6 Cheerful squirrel

7It’s all in the textures

A bonus – almost the beginning of the work shot.


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