Ghost Castle

ghost-castleThis black and white artwork was drawn with ink liners (0.03 — 0.2) and is close to the A2 paper size, which makes this drawing extraordinary detailed.

This was a great chance to broaden my range of themes by adding a complex architectural object (I literally was thinking through all the features over and over again till I was happy with the result).

However, it could be any other symbolic image besides the castle or architecture, in general… 

1The story that underlies this artwork has begun in 2005 year. At that time I’d got to know Lacrimosa, and since then their music accompanied me intra vitam.

I listened to it when I was extremely happy,  or sad, or even desperate. Sometimes we were closer and even inseparable, sometimes we became estranged.

2In the 2015 year Lacrimosa visited Minsk with a concert (as the beginning of the Unterwelt tour), and I (of course) was there, in the first row, admiring and keeping my eyes skinned.

With the first sounds, I was carried away by the awe, magnificence and unusual solemnity of the moment. That’s when I’ve decided that I should absolutely preserve my feelings and express them through the art.

3Why I’ve chosen the symbol of a castle? It’s a creation of human hands and mind, a quintessence of beauty, power, trustworthiness and reliability. It’s like Lacrimosa’s music that helped me to stay believing and loving all these years.

My castle seems as if it’s floating, separate and aerial. It has a basis, but can’t just base upon the ground. You can see the roots in the bottom part of the artwork — they are a symbol of everlasting (unnoticeable at first glance), change, wandering and motion.

The castle looks abandoned, even strict and austere — but still very elegant and refined. It’s only the appearance, you never know what can be hidden inside 🙂 That’s also true regarding people, art, music, books…

Sometimes you should meet someone many times to really know and understand. Often we listen to a song many times and reveal new sense and meanings over and over again.

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