Gothic Beauty

An artwork with a touch of oriental exotics and dark mysterious charm.


All attributes of gothic beauty included! πŸ™‚

This high-contrasted graphics is an unusual example of my art. Black areas are really dark and stylized – so the white places seem even lighter!


The size of the artwork is close to A2 format, fulfilled with ink liners 0.05 – 0.8 widths.



6 thoughts on “Gothic Beauty

  1. Dear Eugenia. I have only recently found your wonderful Artwork….It is such an Inspiration for me. I have only been drawing for a short time and soon realised a Love for pen and ink Art. I will be a Follower of your site and tutorial’s from now on. Your art just makes me want to pick up a pen and Create even more. Thank-You. Dave.


    1. Hello Dave, thanks for your lovely message and the kind words! I’m so glad that my art inspired you πŸ™‚ Ink is an amazing medium – I wish you much luck and joy on your creative adventure!


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