I can’t breathe without you

Have you experienced affection – so limitless that you feel like you can’t even breathe without the person you love? A feeling that makes the soul tremble, and life becomes so bright and vivid.

But being in love isn’t only about joy and serenity, it’s also tension and hidden fear of losing your happiness…

«I can’t breathe without you» is a visual story of catching the precious moment…

The first version of “I can’t breathe without you” was created in the 2014 year. I wanted it to look more mixed media style, so the artwork was in two different versions: monochrome and colorful. It’s always great to experiment and observe how much you can get from one ink drawing. 🙂 1

The artworks became apparel prints and rapidly riveted much attention on themselves. 2

I feel incredibly inspired and enthusiastic wearing this design about love:

The time passed, but this concept never left me in peace. One day I realized that I should give it another try. My skill has grown – I knew that now I can make it much better, revealing new details and nuances.

The new version has become more refined and elegant. I paid much attention to the wooden texture to get a result as close to nature as I could. 3

I got so obsessed while drawing it, that nothing could stop me. Even a burn out bulb 😀

And, by convention, a colored version of the art:tree-ribs-dp-smallIt was made with love — to be in love with life and the whole world.


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