Life’s Mystery Series

In late 2014, I had an idea to create a conceptual series about the connection between life and death. People tend to be afraid of death and dead things; that’s the way how our instincts work. But everything has two sides with various contradictions and interference.

There is nothing plainly one-sided or eternal under the sun, all the living creatures die eventually – and become dead, making a place for something new. No need to be afraid of the fading, the point of the living is in being what you experience and what you can do to make your life happier 🙂

The series “Life’s Mystery” combines artworks of animal skulls among the flourishing nature: flowers, leaves, mushrooms, other living creatures. I decided to choose animal skulls, not human (for example) because animals live closer to nature and its principles.


The goat skull. 2014 year. By the way, this is my first artwork fulfilled with ink liners, not a nib. 

A process photo:


The ram skulldeer

The deer skull

Several close-up photos:





Hunter and prey: deer, cat and wolf skulls

This particular artwork was colored. I used Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop to make it more varied and appealing.


This artwork was created in early 2016. I like to continue my series after a short break – with new ideas and thoughts (and also new skill level!)floral-skull

I colored this piece too:floral-skull-color

If you ask me, which artwork from the whole series is my favorite, I probably name that one with a ram skull. No wonder that after almost a year and a half I came back to it with a decision to make it look even better. I worked on the small details and changed the eye sockets. As long as making any considerable correction in original ink art is impossible, I used a raster file and enhanced the look of the drawing in Adobe Photoshop.ram-skull-new

Here you can see a small part of the process:

Grey strokes make a traditional black drawing more interesting and three-dimensional. And the good news is that possibilities are not limited by only grey tints. For example, strokes can be white 🙂

But this was not all 🙂 I had a sudden vision how great this art will look if I color it. Beautiful pastel tints, pearly color transitions, as if the objects on my drawing were shiny and ethereal. ram-skull-color

As you can see, the “Life’s Mystery” series is about a positive attitude to life and the aspiration to the consciousness. It’s all about beauty! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Life’s Mystery Series

  1. I love your art! Specially with skulls! I have a skeleton tattoo with roses inside it’s ribs, i can relate to the description of Life’s Mysteries!


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