Marine Beauty

A beautiful mermaid and sea creatures. Fantasy black and white ink artwork.marine-beauty

This drawing is a great example how an obviously big size of paper can serve the ink graphics: the larger space is, the more interesting result we can get!  I used ink liners of 0.03 – 0.3 line widths.

The fragments in close up:1 What kind of a mermaid can be without fish friends? 😀 



4 Special mermaid make up


6 7

A magic of the photographed art 🙂


mb-finished-3 mb-finished-4Bonus photos of the process!

marine beauty wip -1marine beauty - wip 2

4 thoughts on “Marine Beauty

  1. The Pen Work on ‘Marine Beauty’ leaves me Speechless! Love the Mermaid Make Up and the way you have Drawn the Fish…I am so inspired by your Work.! Thank You For Sharing. Dave.


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